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Global Underscore (GUS) 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019: 10:00 am–2:00 pm EST (UTC-04:00)

We have various costs for GUS, including making a new website (this platform, Blogspot, is not updated anymore and difficult to use).
Please help the cause...
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Harvest: GUS2018 Shenzhen, China

The facilitator :圆圆肚肚yuanyuandudu work with 王剑锋JF-wang.

Talk-Through: 8:00 pm, UTC+8

10:00 pm - 2:00 am/Modified Jam Score 
10:50pm opening global Small Dance facing Monterrey, Mexico
1:55am closing global Small Dance facing Guangzhou, China

1.圆圆肚肚 yuanyuandudu
2, 王剑锋 JF-wang
  3, 韦玉艳 Stella
4. 程水彬 xiaolong
5, 闫杰 Jack(迟到)
6. 方绮熠 Cindy(提前离开)
7. 李莉莉 Lilian(提前离开)
8. 有成 Jianwu(提前离开)
9. 李彩霞  Lic ai xia(提前离开)
10.王嘟娃 dodo(狗🐶)




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