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Global Underscore 2014
Warsaw site
22 June 2014

hosted by the V Warsaw CI Flow Festival
location: Stefan Batory High School
Warsaw, Poland

Facilitator: Nancy Stark Smith
Music: Mike Vargas
68 participants (+/-)

Real-time Harvest [typed into computer during Underscore]:

Where is Africa on the global underscore map? Where is the middle east? India? 

Vladivostok is actually eastwardly from China and Malaysia! J

Be here even when you are not

Reflection during the small dance practice: ‘happy to be alive’

lalalalallalala, Is the song in me now

the trees are swirling in the wind
the clouds  hanging high in the sky
are moving slow slow slow
energy in the room is very very high
I like to be one of the trees
rather than the wind

Perfect timing. Nothing happens. Exactly at the right time.

There are many crazy people out there. But still, be careful not to miss them.

It was sensitive and sensible. Happy to be here

Sharing Circle:

Nice opportunity to practice putting all of that into words.

practicing projecting [we had to speak very loudly for all in the big circle to hear]

an engagement, development, even when I felt tired but not so really, got a burst of energy

disciplined way of riding the playground

thanks for nice dances

smooth power, sweat, fun

softness, lightness, and earth

thanks to the ones I’ve danced with and the ones I didn’t

appreciate the mint in the melon;  very conscious jam

grateful for creating the atmosphere and the possibilities for this to happen.

unexpected things

great opportunity to observe my mind; we can choose

beautiful score, peaceful, and sweet watermelon

dance and movement, investigation and life combined

full experience, I had it all, juicy experience

opposing energy, fighting each other, moving away combined with sweetness

beauty coming out of focus


I’ve been with all my experiences

liked dancing and watching

chaos reordering

inner space of courage, patience with my self, happy end

astonishing experience with rejection. experience taught and care, surrounded by good people. I can take rejection

awareness of dancing with the world, see the magic. dancing with my emotions
thank you

I’m still a virgin


enjoying peace, powerful playground, thank you all for the experience

the connection and the intense energy in me and between others. getting into action results in many things

a lot of people that I know now, I feel happy, I keep them in my heart and thank you all

never ending story about being more adaptable

watching the flow of the river and waiting for the river to take me

researching the nature of emotions, balance in between extrovert and introvert

to leave the dance to flow, forget the reasons, great experience

staying with the gap

for 5 minutes I was watching us from outside of the door, looked like a wonderland, I see animals

being nurtured

concentrate when I am not trying to concentrate

different qualities of the dance, playfulness

happy energized

happiness and sadness

the structure was a container, gave me different qualities; I felt contained

lost and found few times and there was a meeting, big surprise at the end, precious

stay and going deeper

uniqueness of dancing body

surprised to realize that my reflection of my inner being, letting inside made beautiful moments

many touches, snapshots, Nancy preambulating, Ray kinesphere

watching out of the window seeing the wind and felt clear that I want to be the tree and not the wind


overwhelming feeling of anxiety and possibility left me with detachment, but I lost it away.

patience for being outside and inside

small dance is very big, and a hand on my shoulder that lasted for all of the jam; whoever that was: thank you

unique global interscore power

sensible and sensitive body ready for something else, emotionally in touch

remember the others around the world were doing this with us, enjoy the atmosphere changing, fill the room full

I felt like I was dreaming

algorithm for space

I enjoyed the visitors that came and dropped by  [said Mike, the musician]

engagement is very satisfying, surprising to discover again… wow!!

Then we got up and stood facing Erlangen, Germany, and at 8pm the bell rang and Global Underscore 2014 was over. Time for dinner and the festival closing circle (and more jamming!). We cleaned and cleared the beautiful big space, and many positive echoes of our experience remained when we said goodbye and left the room.

Thank you, Brandin and Nancy, for making this powerfully connected Global Underscore improvisation possible for us again this year. I visited you all as I stood inside my small dances, moving from place to place in my mind and heart, around the globe, happy to meet you all in this body, this time, this dance. [NSS]

23 June 2014
Warsaw, Poland

Participant list [sorry for misspelling, names were handwritten!]:

Malgorzata Pianowska, Poland
Malgorzata Gaydemska, Poland
Michal Kaniuk, Poland
Magdalena Rud, Poland
Diitra Atsare, Greece
Bar Altshuler, Israel
Ekaterina Evdokimova, Russia
Ole Mirjam Ruppell, Germany
Ryar Agu [?], [?]
Tomasz Kanke, Poland
Alexsandre Mywonke, Poland
Davide Casiraghi, Italy
Teodora Marian, Romania
Fahri Ayberk Bagci, Turkey
Olga Kozeowska, Poland
Soman Soman, Poland
Zith Pavliptova, Czech Republic
Pawek Listuan, Poland
Iwona Olslowska, Poland
Ala Pahalshe, Poland
Artur Pyp, Poland
Nancy Stark Smith, USA
Mike Vargas, USA
Ray Chung, USA
Andrew Harwood, Canada
Mariachiara Tiboni, Italy
Marco Forassi, Italy
Weyciech Furman, Poland
Jutta Lechner, Austria
Christian Neher, Germany
Daniske Lehene, Poland
Johan Lyniggren, Sweden
Maya Whyback, Belgium
Marleen Borgarjan, Belgium
Ursule Fink, Austria
Tian Osiewski, Poland
Kasua Woycwodel, Poland  
Kim Erik Hang, Norway
Andrea DeCrescenzo, Italy
Mamachiara Sghiniantom, Italy
Elisa Ghion, Italy
Nio Ambrosim, Italy
Sashsa/Alexandre Bondar, Ukraine
Ada Sablova, Slovakia
Luca Domonor, Hungary
Zuzanna Jenkryuzlo, Poland
Anna Zelioskre, Poland
Joel Silva, Portugal
Thomas Mettler, Switzerland
Adel Juhasz
Rosalind Holgate Smith, UK
Tomasz Gil
Ezra LeBank, USA
Rafe Kelinowa Poland
Lukas Fittl
Ana Wyganawska, Poland
Iwona Wejnicue,
Robert Wlodarczgh
Joanne S
Filip Anarchist and Again List
Bogante Majdaydu
Emerlina Kotne
Asia S
Malgolzata Goydemska, Poland
Wenenke Pielos, Poland
Katarzyna Woyalioska, Poland
Chrstabel Butler, USA
Katarzyna Pawali, Poland
W S, Poland
Pawel K, Poland
Ewa Slymoczyr
Agnieszka Grenckowska, Poland/U
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