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2016 Harvests

2016 Global Underscore


O Underscore é uma estrutura de improvisação de dança codificada pela bailarina e professora de Contato Improvisação Nancy Stark Smith.

O Global Underscore é a prática simultânea em várias partes do mundo. Realizado anualmente desde 2000, durante solstício Junho e surge do desejo de unir os dançarinos do planeta em uma prática de dança e composição concomitante. (+ Info:

Facilitadores: Ana Alonso  Dresler Aguilera Ricardo Neves


GUS Moscow 2016

Many sounds
outgoing hands
Thanks be inside
Confluence and Divergence
Strength of will
To each his own
Warm space
Handsome male trio
Laughter and silence
I care
Three men painting red
Full void
It happened and did not happen
I'm learning to dance in the changing body
I do not know how to dance
Unexpected for
Adoption itself
Need to do something
Vast breathing
The Key"

Katya Zorina
Georgi Popov
Arseny Sokolov
Vorobyov Alia
Dmitry Usov
Dybovskaya Eugene
Anya Titova
Varya Shettsel
Yulia Chernikova
Marina Liders
Maya Levin
Katya Tupova
Kostya Tretyakov
Anastasia Glushchuk
Galina Chikova
Svetlana Ponorina
Ksenia Alekseeva
Ira Kruzhkova
Killeen Vladimir
Maxim Trifonov
Sasha Atakhanova
Olga Berdikyan
Tanya Dzikavitski
Golovin Fedor
Roman Kardapoltsov
Victor Vovk
Tatevik Ghukasyan
Lena Poluyanova
Roman Apolonsky

With thanks to everyone who has filled this evening unique taste of their dance
Facilitator Anna Titova
С уважением

Анна Титова

Global Underscore 2016 Berlin Harvest.doc

Ruth Pulgram

19 June 2016
4–8 pm
Berlin, Germany

facilitators: Nancy Stark Smith, Mike Vargas, Gabi Reuter (TanzFabrik)

Elena Paola Dragonetti, Martin Kramer, Nadja Schwarzenbach, Lydia Kaisser, Rosalind Holgate Smith, Tanja Hübner, Gesine Daniels, Christine Mauch, Mireia Aragones Carol, Cator Shachoy, Michelle Lui, Olivia Platzer, Yaniv Ginton, Gabriele Reuter, Angela Mara Florant-Hafner, Antoine Tâm Nguyen-Minh, Seung-Rok Kim, Maria Rutanen, Yoong Jung (Jean) Kim, Elske Seidel, Gregory Chevalier, Mark Nowakowski, Ruth Pulgram, Anton Daneyko, Inga Kleinecke, Kai Kaldrack, Petra von Ondarza, Jana Schildt, Nina Piulats-Finger, Sabrina Miraillès, Tanja Striezel, Sabine Schnabel, Fei Kaldrack, Anir Sabrina Barleben, Jochen Dallmer, Ulrich Brehm, Maxi Trojosky, Jerry Lee, Peter Pleyer, Izabella Luca, Caterina Mocciola, Jennifer Döll, Yuko Matsuyama, Andrew Wass, Diana Thielen, Christos Sideras, Maxine Saborowski, Karina Suarez-Bosche, Foteini Dionysopoulou, Liesa Pieczyk, Lara Bogataj, Angela Kalis, Sabrina Huth, Erik Thompson-Green, Jenny Bücken, Karen Schaffman, Frank Van de Ven, Ayse Orhon, Antje Sroka, Inese Pavlova, Maike Stöckmann, Joe Edelman, Katie-Lee Weille, Martin Huelse, Jo Bruhn, Jennie Zimmerman, Lou Astrid, Viola Schlichting, Ellen Winkler, Nica Bue

Ruth Pulgram

Real Time Harvest
(typed by participants during the Global Underscore)

5 minutes to five facing cape town. i perceive a bird song coming from the yard

I see the light in the ceiling after approximately 10 min after facing cape town.

will you forgive me?

where in my body do i perceive feel notice can grasp – the globe
us us us?

Tonality, gives us another breath, atonal breath.
i don’t need to do anything, diversity is always there.

‘’ Observe the idiot
don’t be a afraid to touch the idiot
we all have uncountable buttons
that could be pushed by us
or another

who needs drugs when you can just hit
the idiot button
fuck it !

at the end of the assembly line
nancy said: Enjoy
I have been enjoying in joy.\
its fun. try it.
Enjoy !

We are all the same thing doing different things the same

Oh shit! in about 50minutes nancy might yell 5 minutes !—‘’ tarynn o

typing step by step …a dance? knocking …  i open the door.

how to connect to the outside? listening to the sound of Berlin’s voices, cars, traffic, laughing and playing children, the sound of the city, the noise of the suburb.

do we want to invite chaos and the unknown as well?

the glass is broken but fortunately the shards are intact


EVERY dance is the most beautiful in my life.

Ruth Pulgram

End comments, Final Harvest

when coincidence is inevitable, Sabina

where have I not been and how did I not get there - Andrew

the silence of people, fotini

i lost it, ah wanting to fly at the same time with my partner and both falling, anir

i heard birds singing and then i saw flamingos on the t-shirt right it front of me,

i am touched, just seeing people’s feet and pants hems and later recognising someone from their hems. peter p.

i found myself doing less less and less and enjoying, Gregory

i saw my inner animal in the eyes of my partner, lisa

grace inspires poetry,
smiling babies and children squeal
and the city makes birds song with our play,
it tastes like watermelon and lime,

watermelon and lime do we swallow the seeds or spit them out, and at the end of the Assembly the last word i heard was enjoy! from nancy and it remained my key word throughout. Enjoy. – tarynn

i felt like i was on board a pirate ship, roz

i had an encounter and it felt like continuing a really old dance i did many years ago. it was really nice, jennie

i just surprised myself, i had a very intense duet and i just forget about all the things around, and the when we ended we kept walking backwards and came back into the space, jochen

turquoise blue, grey and black, and blue trio—right now, you’re in it—and another green one with Jennie and Diana in the sunlight, and many individual faces soaking in the nourishment of the sun, nancy

i saw blue, men in blue and a sweat drop falling into your t-shirt and you caught it, jochen, from your nose

A foot came on top of my foot and when it left it left a leaf behind, Katie-Lee

Something new—going into a squat with somebody on my lap. (that was nancy), peter

I really enjoyed the two kids being outside and enjoying the chocolate and being in a totally different game, Diana

I remember you accidently hitting nancy’s face, and i saw nancy enjoying

When Mike started playing, the group around me collapsed into laughter, Yuko

I could never recall what has happened. it feels like a distant memory but i cant recall. i remember a general feel, a cloud but not details, they don’t stick with me, Anton

At one point you really surprised me, Mike. there was a piano chord, silence, and then another note, which continued, and at the same time you were playing the melodica on the other side of the room. who was playing the piano? it was a mystery, nancy

It is always a delight to be able to play a grand tuned piano. It was a delight to be able to improvise with all of you, Mike

Now i see that we all have other faces, Karina

The planned coincidence between Mike’s “birdsong” underscore and the birdscore at the end, Yaniv

There was a magic moment with the music, Kai

The art of Energy in the underscore 70 people it always amazes me that there is an art of energy, it’s quiet then it builds then maybe again quiet and then another rise, beyond the individual there is collective, Cator

There was a sense of surrender to the collective that was very pleasurable to me,

Having a fun moment with the idiot button and i wondered if i was actually pressing it, then i bumped my head against the wall and i felt like i am not the only idiot, thank you all for being idiots with me. Anir

At the end i was looking at the map and thinking that maybe one day there is a dance without boundaries, Nika

I took a long time in the beginning and developing from there and i think it was the first time i did the shakedown standing and i will teach it; I think it’s great. And  in a moment i became the grass that people were grazing on. it was brilliant, Gesine

The idea of composition was new for me in a jam.  i never had applied the idea of composing something, I never worked really with the wholeness of the situation, which opened up a whole new area of ideas. I felt like i was collecting ideas. it was a lot of fun, Ines

Really delicate music. it was supporting and it was never dominant, I think it was a real art, it was a just being with the improvisation, and discovering my feet fetishes, Antje

There was a moment when i accidently hit my partner and she immediately slapped me back and I was really surprised, martin

….It was a very funny moment in deed

ummm… i came from Korea, the other part of the continent but it felt very familiar to dance without boundaries somehow i felt very familiar dancing with all the people together, Jean

somebody speaks in Korean

I was standing at the end of the space and watching somebody on the street and he came and watched from the window and then i saw Yaniv pressing his face against the window then i was imagining seeing this jam for the first for time and how does it feel, Elske

Yaniv….speaks in Hebrew

I realized that I was very aware of these other places, and in the small dance i was visiting different places, and i thank Claire Filmon for this idea to have a simultaneous underscore and the others that have kept it going until now. Nancy

(     (    (   (  (  ( ( ((( . ))) ) )  )  )   )    )     )

those five minutes … facing Halle Saale, westward ho, almost over …

Post Underscore Harvest:

I’m grounding with the help of the sun…where is my home?

I know it now…

“”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””   . . . “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

Bird Song
Rain Drops
Wild Waves
Calm Sea
Rises Again


This underscore is a total mess. God these people have no sense of composition. What can we do about it?

oh dear

I climbed on a moving rock. I thought I had climbed it before. However, as it shifted, so did I and I recognized the rock no more. I adapted myself as the rock was shifting into a dune.
The landscape has disappeared and I am left. Landscaping. Escaping.
And returning.
The end was graceful.
I thank for that.

we didn’t dance with eachother
we danced together…….\

Tarynn o

Thank you, GUS16 coordinators, Nancy Hughes, Brandin Steffensen, and Patrick Crowley, for connecting us all in this dance!

Nancy, Mike, and Berlin Global Underscore 2016!

Ruth Pulgram

Córdoba, Argentina

Global Underscore 2016

Cordoba, early winter. 
The Global Underscore coincided with three days workshop of Contact Improvisation in Ramona Space (Centre for Education and Cultural Production).
During the workshop we had the opportunity to share the Underscore with the people involved and practice simultaneously with the world. 
The Underscore framework allowed us to deepen, reflect on our practice of Contact Improvisation and celebrate the meeting. 
It was a very profound experience, inspired, contained and sustained by the Underscore and the presence of each of you. Thank you very much to all!!!

Luciana MaltezFlorencia Campise, María José Guzmán, Paula Vera, Camila Vaudagnotto, Violeta Boll, Luca Pacella, Ariana Andreolli, Paula Lionetto, Romina Navarro, Belén Calarraga, Iván Baucia y Andrea Fernández

Ciudad de Córdoba, inicio del invierno
El Global Underscore coincidió con un seminario de tres días de Contact Improvisación en el Espacio Ramona (Centro de Formación y Producción Cultural).
Durante el seminario tuvimos la oportunidad de compartir el Underscore con las personas que participaron y practicarlo en simultáneo con el mundo. 
El marco del Underscore nos permitió profundizar, reflexionar sobre nuestra práctica de Contact Improvisación y celebrar el encuentro. 
Ha sido una experiencia muy profunda, inspiradora, contenida y sostenida por el Underscore y la presencia de cada uno de ustedes. 
Muchísimas gracias a todos!!!


Kuang, Malaysia

"Not only about shaking, Agitating the mass can be like making a sushi."
"This container allows us to create without being judged. The limits of this score make this more limitless."
"The container started empty, filled with expectations, then overflowed."
"Bonding to another body."
"When I dance, I always get better."
"I got the gap!"
"It's so hard to predict the future. Why don't we just stay in the present?"


Global UNDERSCORE 2016 Shenzhen, China

1/F, Converge Dragon Garden, Shangmeilin, Shenzhen, China

June 19
8pm Talk-through
10pm-2am GUS
10:50pm opening 5 min global Small Dance, facing the next site to the east according to the map: Shanghai, China 
[However, Shanghai did the score earlier..... but 10:55pm is the closing Small Dance of Shanghai facing us.... ] 
1:55am closing global Small Dance, facing the next site to the west according to the map: Kuang, MALAYSIA ( KL Contact Festival ) 

Timelaspe video:
Video clips:
fb event page: 

1. 丸仔 yuenjie Maru (Hong Kong)
2. 兩口米 Mimi Lo (Hong Kong) 
3. 王剑锋 Wang Jianfeng
4. 彭宇 Peng yu
5. 李彩霞 Li cai xia
6. 孙冉 Sun ran
7. 唐常丽 Tong chong-li (Chóngqìng重庆)
8. 周慧敏 Alily
9. 小龙 xiao long
10. 王小暖 Emily 
11. 李琼 Li Qiong
12. 李碧琼 Li Bi Qing
13.宋成 Seven
14. 陳美彤 Chan Mei Tung (Hong Kong)
15. 叶妙玲 YemiaoLing (Dongguang)
16. 石林敬紫 Elsie 
17. 石薏琳 Angela 
18. 馬希欣 Liane Mah (Hong Kong) 
19. 王小樹 Kiwi 
20. 刘泓一 Hong Yi (Beijing)
21. 吴玉玲 Ling 
22. 白洁 Blanche
23. 冯建武 Feng Jian Wu 
24. 付彬彬 Belinda
25. 胡月红 Moon (Guangzhou)
26. 王梦 Wangmeng
27. 小美 Mayson Fung (Hong Kong) 
28. 圆圆肚肚 yuanyuandudu (Guangzhou)
29. 杨夏青 Yang Xiaqing [leave earlier]
30. 余彥衡 Yu Yanheng
31. 李炳雁 Li Bing Yan [Arriving during Pow-wow] 
32. 孙贝贝 SunBeiBei [Arriving during Pow-wow]
33. 陈丹 Chen Dan [Arriving during Pow-wow]
34. 郑志浩 Zhengzhihao [Arriving during Pow-wow]
35. 修源 Alex, Xiu yuan [Arriving during Pow-wow]


Milan, Italy


Beijing had a beautiful underscore this year. We had 17 participants and danced at night when the moon was full. We had a gorgeous soundscape of singing and percussion, and small dances towards our non-synchronized neighbours in Shanghai and Shenzhen. This was only our second time doing the global underscore, and we look forward to dancing again next year! 

Beijing Contact Improv

Yang Rui
Annie Wien
Nastya Shu
沃王 Wo Wang
Cass Gong
炎琦 Yan Qi
潘晓楠 Pan Xiaonan
铁阳 Tie Yang
李丹 Li Dan
布龟 Bugui
Becky Stroud
王艺潾 Wang Yilin
Jan Philipp 杨菲利

Rosalyn Shih
Wenfeng Ge

Global UNDERSCORE 2016 Hong Kong

June 19 Non-Synchronous 
9am Talk-through
10:30-13:30 GUS
11:20 opening 5 min global Small Dance, facing the next site to the east according to the map: Shanghai, China
13:15 closing global Small Dance, facing the next site to the west according to the map: Shenzhen, China
and we share strawberry after closing outside the studio due to the strawberry full moon on Jun 20.

Video clips:
Timeslaspe video:
fb event page:

1. yuenjie MARU
2. Mimi Lo
3. Ka Yuen, Kwok 
4. Suie Lo
5. David Leung 
6. Agnes Chung 
7. Kiwi Chan
8. Kristy Janvier
9. Mayson Fung

Some of the Harvest:

David Leung: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you (I thanked the turtle as well). My seed was "limits". Over the past twenty years of practicing contact improv, what has made me enjoy it most has been its limitlessness. Yet, I drew this card which says "limits" today. I was a bit amused, and took to what Maru said about letting the seed go, and just watching its effect, if any, on the underscore practice. I found something very interesting: that whether it's limits or opportunities really depended on my perspective. Something that stops me could be something that asks me to go around in a new direction; something that keeps me flowing could be something that keeps me trapped in a certain state. 
Depending on my state of mind, I can be having a wonderful moment or a dreadful one.

Agnes Bear: 身體接觸是能量的傳遞,互相影響,開心快樂互相影響無分國界; 面對死亡,人類一樣互相纏結一起,彼此依靠。既然知道,人類, 在(當適)選擇,亦未為晚也。身體是最誠實的實體,音樂可以無分疆界,舞動是身體語言,倆者可同人類接軌,世界再無界限,人類得以和平共存。

Mimi Lo: 「外太空的聲音,來自牆腳的鐵扣子。


GUS @ Monterrey, NL, México

We are facing South this year for Este small dance. It’s a Father’s day morning and we are 15 dancers: Mónica Lee , José Roberto Islas Pier, Héctor Mireles, Denisse Longoria, Aline García, Jesus De Anda, Gustavo Samano, Eduardo Gómez Escamilla, Jessica Morán, Daniel Ontiveros, Catalina Castilla, Ada Oblicua Verde, Luis Herrera Ríos, Roxana Ortega.

The walkthrough is explained with Kandisky’s points and lines to bust our graphical perspective of skinesphere and kinesphere. We saw many kinds of connections between dancers this year during the Jam. There was also more attention to Agitating the mass, Resolution and Introspectiveness.

With white paper, some crayons and a special moment of our dance in mind; the dancers drew an easy to read representation of that experience. The drawings resemble the symbols of the underscore.

During the circle we all explained our drawings, and at the same time how we felt during the different stages, the sensations and emotions. 

One drawing from the harvest is about an image received during the East small dance: two diamonds. During the West small dance two people receive a crying experience towards the end, and one experienced a light energy flow coming from the stomach.

While ‘sharing’ one of the dancers wanted to know a little more about Nancy Stark and the beginnings of contact improvisation. 

Fleet Moves Dance Festival

Hello Global Underscore Organizers,

I'm writing with some moments of harvest from our practice. We did the small dances with facings, plus an outdoor Underscore that came to its final resolution organically, and used lunch as our Harvesttime. It was really helpful to be able to use this as a starting practice to our weeklong festival in Wellfleet and gave us a satisfying sense of telescoping way way out before honing in on specific and local projects.

Love from Wellfleet,

Zena and Fleet Moves Dance Festival


the global underscore dancers in freiburg, germany at 19:54

Harvest from Thora Australia

Hello GUSers
For us the time of the event was midnight to 4AM Monday morning. A bit late for the busy week. So...
We put ourselves to bed with the kids then woke at 10:30pm to have an underscore duet that would finish with a small dance to coincide with the beginning Stand for everyone else. We have a lovely dance space as the top story of our little wooden cabin in the lush rainforest of Thora Valley, the photo is of that cabin just before we began. It had been raining all day yet had stopped when we woke to dance.

harvest poem by Benn DeMole:


Two alone, together
The dripping forest outside
Kids asleep
Chooks asleep
Possums on the prowl

I begin to move
Then She does too
Two together moving
Then moving together

The tired body doesn't want much weight
Prefers to enjoy to touch, then wait
A slow evolution
No other dance to join
A commitment

Elsewhere they are gathering
Their journey's have begun
Will we join in unison
A poetry unsung

That touch is what's important
I'll make it step instead of roll
A choice, a pivot
Don't think, revisit
An old memory of other evenings
Late night dances, other bodies

A pause, a gap, for the baby's cry 
Don't move, now she quiet, a little left to feel
I move my foot and the dance begins again
Soon we will sleep, a gap, to dance again
First we Stand, streaming, believing
I find my silence
Then let the dance begin.

Thank you, so awesome to be part of the global again.
Benn & Catriona
Newcastle, Australia
Modified Non-synchronous jam


Annette Nathalia
Joanna Lin
Bron Lin
Michael Goode
Michelle Turnbull
Laurianne Gwilliam
Owen Davis
Ian Ferguson
Tom Britten
Shoshanna Hindmarsh
Natasha Grbic
Sonia Brown
Luke Falcon
Peta Lumley

Poem by Annette:  "Reflections"

   inward and outward
   many and more
not knowing
   alive and magic
   open and free
   conscious and beating
   are you glad you came?

Poem by Shoshanna:

Tragic light
Poetic darkness
Rims of Fire
Potent Sharpness
Make me sing
Make me soar
Breath in, Shine out
Free me more & more
Magnetic light
Beaconing ray
Transmitting Power
Rising Strong Day by Day
Volcanic Ash
Roaring Flame
Cherishing movements
No Shame

Notes by Peta:

The power of resistance. Showing that you are there. Open up possibilities. Being held - nice. Beautiful. A moment of contact without touch. Rain.

Notes by Luke:

Heiroglyph expressing energy of overall underscore (see attached)
Enjoyed Ian's rhythmical breathing. Really felt i knew where i was in the dance following that pattern of ebbing breath. Ocean waves. Flowing
Sonia & Michael holding stillness at the end - a proper ending. Watching them hold the space in silent firm stillness.
New steps


Auckland, New Zealand

names of the participants: Kerry, Clare, Christina, Xin, Tess
a description of your location: dance studio with windows on one side, brick wall on the other, grey floor


the extra long small dance, waiting allowing:
- creative space in the perception of the surroundings
- we feel more centered when we finally come into contact with another being
let your body listen to the floor before listening to another body
listening to the creaks of different spots of the floor
different sounds for different movements

waiting in small dance, waiting, see what came up
loosening of body, opening
spaciousness, supple, flexible, flux
playing, allowing
passing clouds, changing lights
wordless river
morphing, sliding, resting
geometries of the body, fitting in changing ways
constant listening and responding: what will fit the situation now?
accepting, less forcing, less agenda/control/inhibition
shifting the dynamic of the space

Groningen, Holland 

1974 in 2016
Illusion of time
Connection the centre
connectIon to people
Contact is also possible without the touch
Gratitude for the openness
As if we know each other for a long time
How sensitive I became
overwhelmed by the sound
Every movement felt like truth
we were all on a boat sailing to neverneverland
A way of taking time for myself
Dance it! Musical, moving interpretation of drawing
Continuous engagement
Die hard jam
Playing with laughter = liberating
Live music is very rich
As a musician, it's as if you touch everybody at the same time...



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