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2014 Harvests

Global Underscore 2014
Warsaw site
22 June 2014

hosted by the V Warsaw CI Flow Festival
location: Stefan Batory High School
Warsaw, Poland

Facilitator: Nancy Stark Smith
Music: Mike Vargas
68 participants (+/-)

sending love from warsaw...
here's our video stream:
hello we are here and i THINK we're linked in.

xxx nancy

Real-time Harvest [typed into computer during Underscore]:

Where is Africa on the global underscore map? Where is the middle east? India? 

Vladivostok is actually eastwardly from China and Malaysia! J

Be here even when you are not

Reflection during the small dance practice: ‘happy to be alive’

lalalalallalala, Is the song in me now

the trees are swirling in the wind
the clouds  hanging high in the sky
are moving slow slow slow
energy in the room is very very high
I like to be one of the trees
rather than the wind

Perfect timing. Nothing happens. Exactly at the right time.

There are many crazy people out there. But still, be careful not to miss them.

It was sensitive and sensible. Happy to be here

Sharing Circle:

Nice opportunity to practice putting all of that into words.

practicing projecting [we had to speak very loudly for all in the big circle to hear]

an engagement, development, even when I felt tired but not so really, got a burst of energy

disciplined way of riding the playground

thanks for nice dances

smooth power, sweat, fun

softness, lightness, and earth

thanks to the ones I’ve danced with and the ones I didn’t

appreciate the mint in the melon;  very conscious jam

grateful for creating the atmosphere and the possibilities for this to happen.

unexpected things

great opportunity to observe my mind; we can choose

beautiful score, peaceful, and sweet watermelon

dance and movement, investigation and life combined

full experience, I had it all, juicy experience

opposing energy, fighting each other, moving away combined with sweetness

beauty coming out of focus


I’ve been with all my experiences

liked dancing and watching

chaos reordering

inner space of courage, patience with my self, happy end

astonishing experience with rejection. experience taught and care, surrounded by good people. I can take rejection

awareness of dancing with the world, see the magic. dancing with my emotions
thank you

I’m still a virgin


enjoying peace, powerful playground, thank you all for the experience

the connection and the intense energy in me and between others. getting into action results in many things

a lot of people that I know now, I feel happy, I keep them in my heart and thank you all

never ending story about being more adaptable

watching the flow of the river and waiting for the river to take me

researching the nature of emotions, balance in between extrovert and introvert

to leave the dance to flow, forget the reasons, great experience

staying with the gap

for 5 minutes I was watching us from outside of the door, looked like a wonderland, I see animals

being nurtured

concentrate when I am not trying to concentrate

different qualities of the dance, playfulness

happy energized

happiness and sadness

the structure was a container, gave me different qualities; I felt contained

lost and found few times and there was a meeting, big surprise at the end, precious

stay and going deeper

uniqueness of dancing body

surprised to realize that my reflection of my inner being, letting inside made beautiful moments

many touches, snapshots, Nancy preambulating, Ray kinesphere

watching out of the window seeing the wind and felt clear that I want to be the tree and not the wind


overwhelming feeling of anxiety and possibility left me with detachment, but I lost it away.

patience for being outside and inside

small dance is very big, and a hand on my shoulder that lasted for all of the jam; whoever that was: thank you

unique global interscore power

sensible and sensitive body ready for something else, emotionally in touch

remember the others around the world were doing this with us, enjoy the atmosphere changing, fill the room full

I felt like I was dreaming

algorithm for space

I enjoyed the visitors that came and dropped by  [said Mike, the musician]

engagement is very satisfying, surprising to discover again… wow!!

Then we got up and stood facing Erlangen, Germany, and at 8pm the bell rang and Global Underscore 2014 was over. Time for dinner and the festival closing circle (and more jamming!). We cleaned and cleared the beautiful big space, and many positive echoes of our experience remained when we said goodbye and left the room.

Thank you, Brandin and Nancy, for making this powerfully connected Global Underscore improvisation possible for us again this year. I visited you all as I stood inside my small dances, moving from place to place in my mind and heart, around the globe, happy to meet you all in this body, this time, this dance. [NSS]

23 June 2014
Warsaw, Poland

Participant list [sorry for misspelling, names were handwritten!]:

Malgorzata Pianowska, Poland
Malgorzata Gaydemska, Poland
Michal Kaniuk, Poland
Magdalena Rud, Poland
Diitra Atsare, Greece
Bar Altshuler, Israel
Ekaterina Evdokimova, Russia
Ole Mirjam Ruppell, Germany
Ryar Agu [?], [?]
Tomasz Kanke, Poland
Alexsandre Mywonke, Poland
Davide Casiraghi, Italy
Teodora Marian, Romania
Fahri Ayberk Bagci, Turkey
Olga Kozeowska, Poland
Soman Soman, Poland
Zith Pavliptova, Czech Republic
Pawek Listuan, Poland
Iwona Olslowska, Poland
Ala Pahalshe, Poland
Artur Pyp, Poland
Nancy Stark Smith, USA
Mike Vargas, USA
Ray Chung, USA
Andrew Harwood, Canada
Mariachiara Tiboni, Italy
Marco Forassi, Italy
Weyciech Furman, Poland
Jutta Lechner, Austria
Christian Neher, Germany
Daniske Lehene, Poland
Johan Lyniggren, Sweden
Maya Whyback, Belgium
Marleen Borgarjan, Belgium
Ursule Fink, Austria
Tian Osiewski, Poland
Kasua Woycwodel, Poland  
Kim Erik Hang, Norway
Andrea DeCrescenzo, Italy
Mamachiara Sghiniantom, Italy
Elisa Ghion, Italy
Nio Ambrosim, Italy
Sashsa/Alexandre Bondar, Ukraine
Ada Sablova, Slovakia
Luca Domonor, Hungary
Zuzanna Jenkryuzlo, Poland
Anna Zelioskre, Poland
Joel Silva, Portugal
Thomas Mettler, Switzerland
Adel Juhasz
Rosalind Holgate Smith, UK
Tomasz Gil
Ezra LeBank, USA
Rafe Kelinowa Poland
Lukas Fittl
Ana Wyganawska, Poland
Iwona Wejnicue,
Robert Wlodarczgh
Joanne S
Filip Anarchist and Again List
Bogante Majdaydu
Emerlina Kotne
Asia S
Malgolzata Goydemska, Poland
Wenenke Pielos, Poland
Katarzyna Woyalioska, Poland
Chrstabel Butler, USA
Katarzyna Pawali, Poland
W S, Poland
Pawel K, Poland
Ewa Slymoczyr
Agnieszka Grenckowska, Poland/U

Warsaw Space



Jeon Yunna                                                                                         
Kang Jin An                                                            
Chang Do Chai                                               
Park Jihye                                                        
Choi A-Reum                                                 
Jun Yang                                                          
Lee Deul                                                          
Yena Gim                                                        
Lee Seiseung                                                  
Hong Seok Jang                                            
Sonia Nicholas                                               
Seo Kyong Sun                                              
Kim Jin Soo                                                    
Cham Jin                                                       
Justin Morrison                                           
Kang Hyelim                                                   
Liu Hyunju                                                       
Ben Kluga                                                         
Kim Bong Ho                                                    
Celine Bacque                                               

Stukely-Sud (Québec) CanadaJetez un petit coup d'œil suite à notre dernier événement du solstice,
Take a little look after our last event of the solstice
(vidéo d'Anastasia Shtamina) 

Stéphanie Gaudreau


Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Una mañana fría de invierno; la ciudad vacía y lluviosa.
No sabíamos cuantos íbamos a estar allí ese domingo.
Cómo las hormigas cuando llueve nos empezamos a movilizar.
Ciento cuarenta y tres personas llegamos al encuentro para participar del Underscore Global.
Escucha, presencia. Vitalidad, fluidez, energía. Alegría, risas, hermandad. Reencuentro, celebración.
Gratitud hacia todos los del mundo que se suman a compartir la danza!!!
Cristina Turdo, Laura Barceló y Andrea Fernández


Adan Camacho
Adrián Gleizer
Adrián Matei
Adriana  Laborda
Aila Ramos
Alejandro Escaño
Alejandro Lariguet
Ana Isnardi
Ana Quiroz
Ana Trejo
Analía Steinberg
Andrea Fernández
Andrea Ichitel
Andrea Laino
Andrés Molina
Andrés Tanquía
Antonella Fantozzi
Bárbara Escot
Bárbara Leonhardt
Bárbara Trejo
Bernie Carballo
Camila Campos
Camila Dolberg
Carlos Barabaschi
Caro Moffat
Claudio Rodriguez
Cristina Bramuglia
Cristina Turdo
Daniel Liberman
Daniela Peez Klein
Daniela Serran
Dardo Erlijman
Denise Morelli
Diego Santos
Eduardo Chavarría
Eliana Bonard
Elías Nanarí
Elizabet Canova
Eric Bier
Ezequiel Lorenzo
Federico Lotitto
Federico Pérez
Fernado Serrano
Flor Grin
Florencia Martinez
Gabriel Greca
Gabriel Lugo
Gabriel Nardachione
Gabriel Palacios
Gabriela Antonelli
Gabriela De León
Gabriela Luque
Gala Coconier
Genoveva Zuloaga
Gloria García
Gonzalo Barales
Griselda Angles
Guadalupe Orfila
Gustavo Lecce
Gustavo Lista
Helena Wroblewski
Javier Antoniuk
Javier Fernández
Jazmín Mlynarzewicz
Jorgelina Villamayor
Josefina Bustillo
Juliana Ponrugna
Julie Cristal
Julieta Castro
Justina Almonacid
Karin Flores
Karina Durán
Karina Maldonado
Laila Sanz
Laura Bagnato
Laura Barceló
Laura Friedman
Laura George
Leandro Valatini
Lehum Sbarra
Leonel Orellano
Liza Taylor
Lorena Avedano
Lorena Browernik
Lucas Mariño
Lucía Bertone
Lucía Frágola
Lucía Otaño
Luciano Lescano
Luz Werner
Marcela Misina
Marcos Di Cesaro
Margarita Faure
María Paz Sobrado
Mariana Montepagano
Mariana Roveda
Mariela Singer
Marina Sananes
Marisa Fernández
Martín  Pereyra
Martín Goivich
Martín Kesselman
Martina Juarez
Martina Koghan
Mata Guevara
Matías Barutta
Mavi Rivera
Melina Boyadjian
Milagos Galli
Monica Cardia
Nahuel Tomasella
Natalia Guillis
Natalia Manrique
Nico Peseo
Nicolás Varón
Nicole Torres
Pascal Melnick
Paula ..
Paula Alfieri
Paula Baratta
Paula Erbesfeld
Petit Campaña Alva
Popi Cabrera
Romina Caballero
Rose Schramm
Samantha Leder
Sebasti{an Alvarez
Sebastián Blanco
Sebastián Reinoso
Silvina Pintos
Sofi Morel
Sol Cavagnari
Susana Gentilcore
Therese Tschenk
Vero Choperena
Victoria Orellana
Violeta Lubarsky
Viviana Tobi
Walter De Rocchi
Yamile Galione
Yamile Salomé


GUS post from Patri in Alpujarra, Granada, Spain

Post in English:
patricia cabrero
GUS 2014.


This year, we once more enjoyed the Alpujarras landscape during the summer solstice.
On sunday, early in the morning, we prepared everything to go up to Baile en el Aire. The day started cool and cloudy, and when we were arriving to the small villages of the Alpujarra, it started to rain. But we kept our purpose, the jam had to start at 16h.

When we reached Baile en el Aire, the lovely Ina and Isa were a litle concerned about the rain, since it is an open air stage, with a big parachute as ceiling.

So we started to prepare the space, drying the floor and removing the accumulated water!! And litle by litle, the clouds started breaking apart, and the sun started coming through, helping us to dry the stage...

and everything was ready! And this year it was going to be a cool jam!

We started on time, with a nice group of about 20, and litle by litle the neighbours from the Alpujarras started to arrive!!! We ended up with a colorful meeting!! of about 50 people.

We share some of the captured moments!

We concluded the jam following the second small dance, facing Madrid, with a circle of thanks, and these were some of the comments we harvested:

-      Thanks to all participants, the organizers, and the granting of the space.
-      Joy for having shared the jam with so many children, adults, musicians, animals, and nature, and this large fluid diversity.
-      Highlight that so much can be enjoyed through dance and through sharing from the body.
-      A privilege to be in such a natural surrounding, and have the oportunity to dance here. Value and thank the making of these meatings possible.
-      Curiosity about continuing to investigate the way this kind of work is amplified, and what changes, when it is performed in the open and in rural and natural spaces.

Thank you!!! we meet again on the next one!!


patricia cabrero
GUS 2014.

De nuevo repetimos este a–o  el  poder disfrutar de los paisajes de las Alpujarras para el solsticio de verano,
El Domingo tempranito lo preparamos todo para subir hasta Baile en el aire, el d’a amaneci— fresquito y nublado, cuando ya est‡bamos en los pueblitos de la alpujarra empez— a llover, pero nosotras continuamos con el prop—sito, hab’a que empezar la jam a las 16h.

Cu‡ndo llegamos a Baile en el aire, las maravillosas Ina e Isa estaban un poquito preocupadas por la lluvia, ya que el tablao esta al aire libre con un gran paraca’das de techo.

As’ comenzamos a preparar el espacio, secando el suelo y quitando el agua acumulada!! y de a poquito empez— a despejarse y aparecer el sol para ayudarnos a secar el tablao.....

ya estaba todo preparado! Y este a–o iba a ser una jam fresquita!

Empezamos puntuales, siendo ya un buen grupito de unos 20, y poco a poco fueron llegando los vecinos de las alpujarras!!! acabamos en un colorido encuentro!! de unas 50 personitas.

Compartimos algunas  de los momentos capturados!

Concluimos despu_s de la segunda peque–a danza orientadas hacia Madrid, con un c’rculo de agradecimiento y estos fueron algunos de los comentarios que cosechamos:

Agradecimientos a todos los participantes, a los organizadores del evento, y a la cesi—n del espacio.
Alegr’a de haber compartido con tantos ni–os, adultos, mœsicos, animales y naturaleza, de esta gran diversidad fluida.
Destacar el poder disfrutar  tanto a trav_s de la danza y el compartir desde los cuerpos.
Un privilegio estar en este entorno natural, y poder danzar en _l. Valorar y agradecer el hacer posible estos encuentros.
Curiosidad por continuar investigando c—mo se amplifica y qu_ cambia cuando realizamos estos trabajos en el exterior y en espacios rurales y naturales.

Gracias!!! y nos encontramos en la pr—xima!!


Hello from Florence (Northampton area)!
2014 Western Mass Global Underscore Participant List:
Kristin Horrigan
Rae Korengold
Glenn Smith
Tara Balch
Tom Murray
Kristina King
Patrick C.
Christine Cole
Felice W.
Jeff Bliss (partial credit)
Nina Smolar
Beth Dennison
Samantha Burnell
Michael Wojteck
Liana Foxvog

and thanks to the cucumber guy on the streaming video!

We begin slowly.....

After many satisfying dances, I stop to feel in to it all. I look around at the room, taking a moment to really look into the mostly familiar faces here. I watch with unabashed curiosity and see so many that I love. The history of these people and this dance, warms me. Each face feels like home.
~ Samantha Burnell

Underscore-BeingUnderscore-being is so different from regular life-being. Once someone has given me enough compression, my entire nervous system switches modes and begins to make choices on it own. In regular life, my brain is constantly telling stories and then generating feelings and choices come from a need to control, understand or figure out. underscore-being is FAR MORE RELAXING because I let go of trying to protect myself and simply ride the waves of pleasurable sensations and desires...which I'm happy to say get satisfied again and agin. I'm so sad that regular life-being is so stressful and desperate. Where has society gone wrong? If we could get up each day and do the Underscore with our neighbors, family, store owners, police people, children, construction workers, computer programmers, etc - what would reality be now? Couldn't we just solve problems by lying on someone and following the point of contact. "Shut up," I'd say to some complicated conflict. "Let's just dance."

~ Rythea Lee, Florence, MA USA

Hi Nancy, from your Florency homeland!

Contact knows no boundaries

Still in (from Moti)

There's something nice about distractions - how they weave in ideas and thoughts like fruit hanging among the tree like structure of the underscore. The space we are in is filled with outside stimuli... a church group singing praises, traffic, bicycles, children in the hall.  We soak in the influences, confluences and collisions with a playful ease. A year ago I was being driven to the hospital with my arm broken during the Global Underscore - A different kind of experience of integrating distracting collisions.  Drugs, pain, bewilderment.  Now I sit and recall those moments like any other thought bubble bicyclist passing by.  We're always in.  Still in...

- Moti Zemelman
Florence, MA

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