Important GUS info

Global Underscore 2018
Saturday, June 23, 10:00 am–2:00 pm EST (UTC-04:00) New York
(NSS will be in Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA)

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Options for Participation

The Global Underscore (GUS) is organized for people who know the Underscore and Contact Improvisation, and who want to connect globally through this practice. There are 5 possible Options for Participation one can choose in joining this practice - so that we can include people who cannot do the practice fully, who cannot do the practice at the designated time, or who cannot join others. 

Synchronous Full Score Practices and 4-hour Modified Score Jams will be part of the FACINGS. Near the beginning of the 4-hour GUS practice, there will be a Small Dance, for which everyone in your group will face another GUS site to your East. Near the end of the 4-hour GUS practice, there will be another Small Dance, for which everyone in your group will face another GUS site to your West. The FACINGS are a way to create a continuous line of connection around the globe.

Please read the descriptions below to determine which of the 5 Options for Participation best suits your community.

A. Full Score Practice 
You are a community of dancers who are interested in the ideas/perceptions/principles operating in the Underscore and Contact Improvisation. This probably means that several of you have studied and practiced the Underscore with Nancy directly or with someone else who has.

Since the event is about practicing the Underscore, even 1 or 2 dancers who are not familiar with this score will change the experience of the practice. Please feel free to set limits based on experience, to offer talk-throughs (see Talk-throughs below), and to contact us with any questions.

Full Score Practices participate in the FACINGS.

A1. Non-Synchronous Full Score Practice
Full Score Practice above, but NOT DURING the designated time.
Non-Synchronous Full Score Practices do not participate in the FACINGS.

B. Modified Score Jam 
You are a community of dancers who have various levels of experience with Contact Improvisation and the Underscore. You may have one person who has studied with Nancy or has done an Underscore, but in general your experience as a group is more in jamming. You might feel the Full Score practice is too much to do.

For example, you might open and close with the Small Dance in connection with the other Underscore sites. In the dancing section, you might warm-up individually, circulate a bit, find a first partner for a contact improvisation dance, and then move into an Open Jam format. You might even end together at the global "Final Resolution" time, take some time for personal reflection, rest, or warm-down, and then have a circle of sharing at the end. This closing circle might not necessarily be a Harvest in terms of the perceptions of Nancy's score, but would be a rich way of sharing your experience.

Modified Score Jams, that are 4 hours long, participate in the FACINGS.

B1. Non-Synchronous Modified Score Jam
Modified Jam Score above, but NOT during the designated time and/or NOT 4 hours long.
Non-Synchronous Modified Score Jam do not participate in the FACINGS.

C. Satellite 
You are alone and cannot join a group, you have an obligation so cannot do all of it, and/or you can not do it during the designated time. You might join us for the opening and/or closing Small Dance (both would be great!), or in some way "click-in" to sense the dancing and give your support. 

Satellites do not participate in the FACINGS. (Though there has been the rare exception of one person doing the Full Score Practice - in this case, you can be in the FACINGS!)

In keeping with the oral tradition of the Underscore, we encourage facilitators to offer "talk-throughs" before (not at the beginning of) the Global Underscore to introduce newcomers to and refresh experienced Underscorers with the language, glyphs, and structures of the Underscore. We ask that all participants of the Global Underscore be familiar with the practice ahead of time. For a Full Score Practice, a talk-through should be at least 45 minutes in length.

Click Here to find a site to dance the GUS.
Click Here to host a GUS site.


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    1. Hi Andrew,
      We are working out the date. We will let you know soon!

    2. Hi Andrew,
      We did chose the new date and time. June 23, Saturday, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm EST (New York time)