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Global Underscore (GUS) 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019: 10:00 am–2:00 pm EST (UTC-04:00)

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From @TheGlasgowJam 
Our small dance facing towards Madrid, with people drawn from across Scotland.

"The kids in the park didn't know the score

Except in football. There they were,
Nonetheless. That's the thing about consciousness.
Ruthless in capaciousness. The more
We look, the more we see. The more we move,
The more we feel. Our minds extend out to
That field, those boys, their ball: toys of our
Inclusion, all. A global underscore
Need not be sane, need not be fair; it reminds
Us that we're there, always, prior. Everywhere.
Where we look, there is the world: Madrid, or
Wales, or here. Standing on this mended floor,
We are together in our war to make
It all make sense, our disparate intake."
(Sarah Tolmie, who was visiting us from Canada)

("The Global Underscore" by Dominic Snyder, drawn during the practice)

Participants (from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and beyond!)

Penny Chivas
Tom Pritchard
Gregor Giertner
Nicole Swierkowski
Alex McCabe
Anothonly Ogley
Beck Elphinstone
John Campbell
Li Huang
Tatiana Koprivova
Nina Enemark
Chuen Liang
Dave Murphy-Dust
Sarah Tolmie
Ole Michael Caspers
Mellina Daniel-Dempsey
Frank Koenen
Dominic Snyder
Grand soleil !
Petit groupe de danseur réunis par les airs… et tant de rencontres inattendues avec des non-danseurs !
Heureux d'avoir été dans une "ligne de danse" allant de Quito à Montréal en passant par NY : réunion des Amériques hispanophones, anglophones et francophones.
Je vis toujours le Global Underscore comme un moment de prière pour la paix dans le monde, et peut-être plus encore cette fois-ci.

Franck Waille

Identifiant skype : franckcw

Knoxville Video

Here are 10 minutes from our experience in Knoxville!

Lyon, France

A feeling of giving and receiving, sharing space in the middle of Sunday afternoon, in le Parc de la Tête d'Or, families picnics, friends playing, us dancing.


Hi all you dancers round the world,

our wonderful space in Erlangen provided so much light, careful preparation....but nearly none of our contact community came in to join. Kalle, Gabriele and Dagmar were the only ones. As dagmar dropped in it was already past the starting Time, our decision to cancel the Underscore was already made. I feel disappointed, cause it´s such a wonderful structure and Solveig and me where so much looking forward to this event.
But as it always is in is what is...
Luckily, Iris Voss, the provider of the dancing space, canceled the 100€ fee, thank her very much!
What I experienced was the question occuring: How many dancers does it take for me to fill the space for 4 hours. I still think i would have liked to take the advantage of doing it with 5 people, but the dynamic in the group was not to do it, so I followed this move. And we went to the next cafe, later on playing in the park.
At 20:00 we faced to the west with our harvest from the day.
Also not beeing really part of the global Underscore I felt as part, as just beeing with you the way our situation turned out to be.
So failure is not the question, we do what we do, things happen, we make decisions and move on, learning with awareness, descriptive,and  most of all joyfully ! It´s wonderful to read and see bout all your experiences. Thanx for all... and maybe next year.

GUS 2014 images

Knoxville participants list:
Mariam Allard
Madi Mansouri
Ashley Corey
Bohu Fortova
Angela Hill
Lauren Wilson Phillis
Amelia Breed

Our Space: 
Yesterday the room was creaky and rumbling. This morning it was sleepy, calm, quiet. Snug under a thick fog. Wood floors, wood ceiling, wood columns make good dance partners. It's dusty in here! There are things my cat might like to play with lying in the corners. We are underground, buried beneath homes, work, art. Later there was music from above, and then again quiet. 


[         ] homesickness. gratitude for time, attention, perseverance, patience, trust. dreams. imagination. many seeds. time for growing. very tired.  -Lauren 

Brooklyn Harvest Entries

BAX 5th Ave
Studio D Theater


we are not communicating until we are not communicating said no one to no one elsewhere there was a play going on off the deep end so to begin again so to speak with you I had to come here there really is not any way out in time to find the lost boys or girls don't only want to have fun sadly it is a yin yang kind of push and pull which leads nowhere somewhere there is a place for us I am sure to be sure to be sure not to be sure…
- K

Quito reminded me that there was a jam mundial de contact. Fui al underscore de Nueva York aca en Brooklyn and we started looking towards Montreal. And we are going to finish mirando hacia ti, Quito. Gracias.

found honesty and appreciation  - kiori

The gift of arriving arriving arriving.
I delight in the moments of departure departure departure,
and somehow my leading edge these moments these years
is arriving into movement, arriving into transformation, into stillness.
- David L.

was back in that familiar space of just being


Florence endings as beginnings

2014 Western Mass Global Underscore Participant List:

Kristin Horrigan
Rae Korengold
Glenn Smith
Tara Balch
Tom Murray
Kristina King
Patrick C.
Christine Cole
Felice W.
Jeff Bliss (partial credit)
Nina Smolar
Beth Dennison
Samantha Burnell
Michael Wojteck

Liana Foxglov

and thanks to the cucumber guy on the streaming video!

Still in (from Moti)

There's something nice about distractions - how they weave in ideas and thoughts like fruit hanging among the tree like structure of the underscore. The space we are in is filled with outside stimuli... a church group singing praises, traffic, bicycles, children in the hall.  We soak in the influences, confluences and collisions with a playful ease. A year ago I was being driven to the hospital with my arm broken during the Global Underscore - A different kind of experience of integrating distracting collisions.  Drugs, pain, bewilderment.  Now I sit and recall those moments like any other thought bubble bicyclist passing by.  We're always in.  Still in...

- Moti Zemelman
Florence, MA

Contact knows no boundaries

Hi Nancy, from your Florency homeland!

feeling in (from Samantha)

After many satisfying dances, I stop to feel in to it all. I look around at the room, taking a moment to really look into the mostly familiar faces here. I watch with unabashed curiosity and see so many that I love. The history of these people and this dance, warms me. Each face feels like home.

Brooklyn stream

I am broadcasting live at come and check it out!

Warsaw Space

Our Brooklyn space

Hello from Northampton!

We begin slowly.....

logging in from warsaw

hello we are here and i THINK we're linked in.

sending love from warsaw,

here's our video stream:
xxx nancy

a jpg of the map

49 sites

Summer Solstice Astroscore

Within our Vast Sky of Awareness... we reached the most Solar, most 'Yang'/'Masculine' and longest Day, which is a celebration... of each individual. 

Yes, Sun-star in Gemini has culminated, w it's gifts of 'letting things happen', or recognizing that everything truly already is 'let be'... 'as it is'. The other theme in Gemini has been that true 'honesty', including of the intellect, reveals everything as inseparable from the vast inclusive intelligence. 

Now, the archetype, the sign of Cancer comes into focus, is vitalized by our Sun-star. The emphasized themes become 'decisions' and 'commitments', 'allegiances', creating 'home' 'and 'Belonging'… within/without. It also supports our awareness of, our Sensitivity to, all of our human needs.

Summer Solstice
 is the point in our Earths orbit where the north pole of our axis tilt begins to face away from our Sun-star, and is the portal where the Night, the Moon, and the Feminine/Yin, Collective/group energies slowly begin their ascent. (The polarity/compliment of Winter Solstice may also be sensed.) This is the very beginning of the 'Return of the Night'… and where the mythical 'Queen of the Night', the Lunar goddess begins her ascent.

Nancy & Mike in Warsaw

Dear Underscorers,

I want to share this beautiful description Nancy sent to me of their space in Poland.  Keep in mind as well they will have the singularly special pleasure of Mike's sounds.

Excerpted from an email from Nancy Stark Smith:

The Global Underscore in Warsaw will be one of the final events of the V Poland Contact Festival Warsaw Flow in Warsaw, Poland, which started on June 18. The Underscore will take place in a beautiful old high school (Liceum im. Stefana Batorego--the Middle and High School of Stefan Batory), in their large, light-filled, wood assembly hall. The ceilings are high, the floor is parkay wood (covered with white marley) and one wall--facing south, I believe--is all windows, to the park and the sky. There are elaborate chandeliers hanging from the ceiling down the middle of the space. There is a slightly raised area at one end of the large space, where the small piano will be, along with Mike and all his other instruments. The participants in the Global Underscore will be the members of our intensive workshop during the festival plus many others from the festival that will join, probably twice as many as our group*. 

(*the registered dancers are listed in the notes of the Warsaw on the map)

Now that facilitators have the username and password to this blog, I encourage blogging all things GUS 2014.

Also if you'd like me to add a space description to your site on the map, I'd be happy to.  Email with subject: space description and "the name of your site".  I can upload a photo too.  Feel free to blog it all!

Happy dancing!

xo xo xo b

Dear Facilitators

Dear facilitators,

We at Underscore NYC have just issued the pdfs to help you with your organization toward our shared Sunday practice.

In the event information changes, we will be updating THE MAP.  For instance, NOTE: Montreal is now a satellite.

In case anyone was wondering, the red white and blue site markers in the Indian Ocean on the map are a legend; they have the names and descriptions of the practice categories the colors represent.

We've done our best to inform and include and hope to continue to refine our yearly process.

So excited for us to all dance together!


Brandin S and Nancy H

Facing List Illustration GUS 2014

The Facing List for Global Underscore 2014 arranges the sites of this year's practice in order of longitude from west to east.  

(Full Practice and Modified Jam sites SKIP OVER the Satellites; Satellites use the order to join into the zig zag the other sites make.)

NOTE: The Facing List is also the list of cities on the rite side of the map.  

If we use the facing list we will make a zig zag line that wraps all the way around the planet.  The westernmost site in North America, Seattle, starts the list and the line zig zags across the North and South America until it jumps over to Europe and across Asia. Seoul and Annandale both face Seattle to complete the wrap.

For "The First Global Small Dance 00:55", use the facing list in the order given.  We face eastwardly toward the rising sun in the beginning.

For example, Berkeley faces Salt Lake City, Buenos Aires faces Las Toscas. We face eastwardly toward the rising sun in the beginning. NOTE: The zig zag skips Satellite sites and Satellite sites face the closes Modifies Jam or Full Practice site east of them. Kuang faces Kwai Chung rather than Perth. Perth also faces Seoul.  Seoul and Annandale face Seattle.  

For "The Second Global Small Dance 03:55", use the facing list in the reverse order.  We face westwardly toward the setting sun in the end.  Seoul faces Kwai Chung, Seattle faces Seoul, Salt Lake City faces Berkeley.   

You may not end up facing DUE east or west; it is more likely you will face a site very northeast or southeast for the first Small Dance, and then face a site very northwest or southwest for the second Small Dance.  But the line follows our vision by our facing in the direction eastward in the beginning and westward at the end.  

ABOUT SATELLITES: Full Practice and Modified Jam sites SKIP OVER the Satellites; Satellites use the order to join into the zig zag the other sites make.  Due to the variety in the kind of participation a satellite may have, we have the satellites face along the main zig zag facing list line, but leave them off of the line.  

NOTE: the picture here is an abstract representative illustration.  Don't try to find your site in the drawing.  It is NOT accurate.