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Global Underscore (GUS) 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019: 10:00 am–2:00 pm EST (UTC-04:00)

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2015 Harvests


Buffalo, NY
700 Wasteland Studios

Dale - (satisfied sounding sigh)

Fenna - (went around the circle patting everyone's back)

Jenee-It felt like hide and seek.  Seeing with bodies and hiding our eyes.  If someone made ey contact it might mean that this is the end of our play together.

Monica - Mentioned the father's day seed made earlier.  Last night a seed was made as mother as the first landscape.  
Mother is the earth
Father is the sky
Honoring parenthood through contact and felt support and tried to give it.  She saw Ilana "mother" Fenna and Monica hummed the song of the mothering she was witnessing and thought about people around the world swoop and flow.

Sophia - Early on when it was quiet she realized she was upset and has a question about what to do with that in contact and is it okay if it is here but knows what do in other arenas. Loved dances with people and people give different permissions about what is okay and it gives her a new idea of what is okay.

James - Sometimes contact is tight/Sometimes it is really scattered

Sophia - Thought she was watching Dale and Fenna Dance and then Monica appeared from the middle.  WOAH!

Monica - Composition movement full room and everyone was in on it 
Nancy and Dale - Back and Forth 
Fenna and Sophia - Up and Down
Angela - slow heel toe walk and people picked up with her heel toe walk
Others - held down the corners of the room

Monica was attracted to the aforementioned composition and wanted to intersect but was too tired to walk so she lied down and walked her fingers out to intersect energetically

Angela - Active observer with camera.  Connected (with herself and camera) through kinesphere.
Atemporal Attraction:   She saw Fenna sitting on a radiator and told herself to remember this and went back to sit on the radiator later.

Ilana - Can't hide behind words.  She wondered if this is the way we communicated before words existed.

Fenna - "I did not put my foot on your (Ilana's) head because it was our first dance but I realized as you were dancing I could have put my foot on your head."

Sophia Roberts
Angela Lopez
Ilana Lieberman
Jeneé Skinner
Fenna Mandalong
Nancy Hughes
Dale West
James Litz
Jane Calvert
Monica Karwan

Rimbun Dahan, Kuang, Malaysia.

22:00, June 21, 2015 to 02:00, June 22, 2015.
Some thoughts on GUS. A post-harvest harvest, if you will (since we forgot to record actual thoughts during the harvest).

We faced the wrong direction for the opening small dance (first 2 mins, I guess). I felt unfamiliar energy running through my body. It's the first time I'm practicing the Underscore, as well as doing it globally. The Underscore allowed me to go deep inside my own body rather than just my body arriving in the space. An invisible energy kept me dancing and focused throughout the score. Thanks to the other dancers who danced in the same space; thanks for being there to dance with me.
– Seow Yi Qing

dancing late at night
until 2 in the morning
never felt so good
– Eng Kai Er

Okay, I suck at facilitating... Yikes, constant stream of thoughts... I'm not prepared!!... Lets hope the alarm works... Silence... Oh, oh, an unexpected visitor in the space... Hang on a second, I think we're facing the wrong way... Okay, looks like everyone got the cue. Small dance salvaged!... People seem to be having fun, so that's good, I guess?... Is it time yet?... Knowing she's never liked the Underscore, I hope she's surviving!... Are people tired? Am I tired?... Is it time yet?.... Why isn't the alarm sounding yet?... Stop trying to make things happen! Haha, I'm soooo not "in"... Yay, the alarm sounded!... Why aren't people stopping???... Okay, time to harvest. But first, food!... So I'm about to demonstrate how this works. First you grab the string hoppers. Then you add the shredded coconut. Then you add the jaggery. And then you proceed to eat it!... Yay, everyone seems to like this "new" delicacy!... Okay, so she did enjoy the Underscore after all! First time ever, it seems, yay!
– David Lim


Global Underscore 2015

Santiago, Chile Harvest
Soledad Medina
Marcela Ortiz
Paula Zacharias
Berna Prieto
Susana Quiróz
Paz Marín
Carlos Vera
Alejandra Tapia
Javiera Asenjo
Gaston Ytier
Camila Cavieres
Consuelo Pacheco
Benjamin Bossu
Poly Rodriguez
Javiera Sanhueza

Javiera Asenjo:

"Algunos textos:

El movimiento
del movimiento
solo soy.
Rotaciones internas
Acoplamiento de capas
Como bailar en la cueva
una ceremonia de luz y oscuridad.
La pasión por la paciencia
la espera de todo lo que fue.
Soy yo plenamente
sin decidir nada.
Me inundo de momento."

Susana Quiroz:
"Me quedé en vacío, quería estar atenta a la partitura que se escribía a cada instante. Nunca supe dónde estuvo, solo sucedía al igual que estas letras solo suceden. Y así se arma la maravillosa orquesta de movimientos que surgen de lo espontáneo y de lo que cada uno quiere compartir. Miedos, dudas, pensamientos, solo un movimiento, y se fue. No sé cuánto tiempo pasó, ni qué hora es, en la partitura única e irrepetible de lo que somos, tal cual somos. Si antes era el vacío, de este 'ahora' surge todo"



Global Underscore 2015

Bejing, China Harvest
participant list

Adel 艾德 (facilitator)
况聃 Dana
李丹 Linda



Global Underscore 2015 in GuangZhou, China 

Mountain City Villa
Mao Feng Shen
Guangzhou, China
10pm - 2am

10:50pm opening 5 min global Small Dance, facing the next site to the east according to the map: Tokyo, Japan

[and 10:55pm is the closing Small Dance of Beijing (Non-Synchronous Site) facing us! ]

1:55am closing global Small Dance, facing the next site to the west according to the map: Kuang, Selangor MALAYSIA ( KL Contact Festival )

Timelapse Video:

1. yuenjie MARU 丸仔 (HK)
2. LEUNG Ka-nang David 梁嘉能 (HK)
3. Shu Qun Cai 蔡述群 (GZ)
4. Huang Lixiang 黃丽香 (Xiamen)
5. Mimi Lo 兩口米 (HK)
6. Kim Wu 金平 (GZ)
7. Moon Hu 胡月紅 (GZ)
8. Rosalyn Shih 史雋皓 (Beijing / HK)
9. Marloes van Houten (Netherlands / HK)
10. Yanchen Bi 毕燕晨 (Beijing)
11. Joanne Zhang 张舒宇 (GZ) [leave earlier]
12. SKY Cai 蔡启炜 (GZ) [leave earlier]



Hello the world,

21rst of June, 2015,
15 persons gathered in studio Hybrid,
in Molenbeek, Brussels,
to dance the Global Underscore:

Sonia Gharbi,
Isabelle Quérijean,
Pierre Daugy,
Vincent Visca,
Lise Diez,
Mélanie Tandé,
Juliette Delaunay,
Charles Lemaire,
Lydie Pire,
Lénaïc Brulé,
Tommy Russo,
Lucie Mejia,
Bénédicte Moreau,
Marie Delens,
Pauline Lefebvre.

Thank you all (in Brussels and everywhere) for sharing this beautiful moment.

Attached, two drawings from the harvest.

See you all next year!





21 June 2015
4–8 pm
Maison des Arts du Grütli, 3rd floor studio
Geneva, Switzerland

with Nancy Stark Smith (facilitator) and Mike Vargas (music)

organized by Geneva CI Association (Elinor Radeff, Paola Gianoli, Wassim Fatouh, and others)


Elinor Radeff, Wassim Fatouh, Alexandre Guex, Anne Expert, Christelle Boutoille, Claire Ginet, Corinne Fiechter, Danielle Marx, David Quint, Denis Dal Molin, Dominique Castelnau, Elinor Radeff, Eloise Deschen, Isabel Claus, Jean-Baptiste Meyer, Jesse Schnell, Julie Lamoine, Kazu, Laure Massias, Lou Sturm, Mafalda Ledo, Magaly Bourquin, Maren Sandmann, Mathieu Chappuis, Monique Kroepfli, Nathalie Baumann, Nazario Branca, Nina Hipp, Pamela Ranieri, Patrice Couillez, Peter Aerni, Raphaëlle Mozzi, Rahsan, Ronny Bourcy, Simona Dilu, Simon Wenger, Thea Rytz, Urs Bleuler, Urs Stauffer, Wassim Fatouh, Xavier Vasseur, Zina Freiburg

After many years of writing “Geneva” on the Facing List for Global Underscores from elsewhere, it was fun to finally BE HERE for one of them.

We gathered in a spacious upstairs studio in the Grütli arts building on a warm summery day in Geneva. Mike and I had just arrived from Spain on Friday and on Saturday we met with the Geneva team at a café in the nearby park to organize: the printing of the maps, the buying and making of the watermelon/lime/mint snack (I loved doing this!), the sound system, the technology, the art supplies, etc.

We were surprised and extremely moved to learn that the hallways of the Grutli building were being used to house African refugees for the time being, as their limbo status was being sorted out by the government. A tall stack of mattresses (like from the Princess and the Pea story) towered at the end of each hallway, with a variety of small items left behind when the young men sleepily left in the morning by 9. Boxes of vegetables and food fixings were stashed in the lobby of the building for dinner meal prep. The contrast in their circumstances and those of us participating in the Global Underscore in Geneva were close and sharp and poignant, and we carried this into our practice.

(The following week, during our workshop in Geneva, every morning I’d arrive to a hallway full of sleeping men. It was very quiet and peaceful. I would gingerly have to wake up whoever was sleeping in front of the studio door, who would groggily but graciously move their mattress elsewhere so we could get into the studio and start to clean and set up. One guy in particular was very kind and helpful in waking the deep sleepers. We never spoke—they were always gone by the time I got back out into the hallway after setting up the studio—but I coincidentally saw him on our last day as we were leaving. I gave him some cards of our dancing with a Thank You message written on the back. I wonder what they would have thought of our practice. I wonder how we might have connected if we’d have stayed longer.)

Back to the Global Underscore day: As we were setting up the studio, Wassim and Elinor were giving the talk-thru in the hallway (next to a meeting about and with the refugees) to a large group of contacters from many places in Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Japan, USA, and Mexico. They finished just as it was time to come in and begin the Global Underscore.

I always get so excited during the Arriving and Pow-Wow (name still in transition) phases of the Global Underscore. “We have a date with the world,” I think and say, as I watch the clock during our circle gathering, so as not to miss our opening facing—Strasbourg, France! Hello, Dani and others!

Mike had a special giant drum head—almost 3 feet in diameter—that we borrowed from Elinor’s house. What a great sound! Mike enjoyed integrating it into his menagerie of instruments for the occasion.

Below are a few Real-Time Harvest notes written during the Underscore on a computer table set up in the space, on which another computer was tuned to the Second Life Global Underscore site. Also below is an impressively fast and accurately typed transcript (thank you, Wassim!) of remarks made around the circle during the Sharing.

As we got close to our appointment for the Stand facing Barnave, France, at the end of the Global Underscore, we hadn’t yet gotten around the circle for sharing and decided to “jump the frame,” and come back into the circle after our final Stand, to finish our Sharing. It relieved the tension and was fun to feel that although we were technically out of the frame of GUS15, we could stretch the frame to include our last comments. And THEN ring the bell. DING DING DING!

Thank you so much, Brandin and Nancy, for coordinating another memorable Global Underscore for all of us!

Nancy, Mike, and the Geneva GUS participants


noisy outside, quiet inside

Wassim : Je danse aujourd’hui pour les requérants d’asile. Pour que leur pérégrination se termine et qu’ils trouvent un lieu d’accueil où ils seront acceptés et où ils construiront un foyer paisible.

Ignorant fragmentation of wisdom

A place to practice
A practice to place
To elaborate space
Space of intuition
Means of repulsion
Explorate attraction
Easy lines
Lifts you know
All means of practicing space
Space of spontaneity
You need all the flops
The vanity
The experience
Big flopping machine

Une forêt d’êtres…humains?
À l’envers à l’endroit jusqu’à en perdre la tête et retrouver la parole du mouvement, du corps libre et joyeux

Alles was kommt, alles was springt, alles was ist, alles was dampft, alles was nicht bleibt, alles was ver, alles was ent, alles was über, vor, war.

I kept meeting a woman, again and again, we didn’t even have a dance, we just met, and each time it felt like an old, close friendship, the happiness of feeling familiar, close belonging, love – and in fact, I don’t know this woman, I saw her for the first time today.

Nancy : delightful coincidence on the wall there were stripes of shadows and light : big moment, my eyes went outside and the mountains had the same stripes. That made me happy.

Elinor: j’ai beaucoup apprécié d’avoir une danse de contact issue du regard: amusant et intéressant. Surprenant.

Simon : J’ai adoré la musique. J’avais peur mais j’ai adoré. Merci. J’ai aussi adoré notre jeu sur le radiateur. J’ai aussi appris aujourd’hui à savoir si une personne accepte de danser avec moi ou non. Conscient des petits signes.

Kazu : Je pense que je ne dois pas réfléchir. Pas de but, on partage simplement. Simple. Simple.

Isabelle : La pastèque était très bien. Une chose vécue, il y a de la forme, de l’espace, c’est bon et c’est partageable. Ca va bien avec la menthe. Il y a des montagnes derrière. Expérience c’est celle de la durée. Partager avec quelqu’un dans l’espace.

Raphaëlle : J’ai regoûté avec l’underscore à la matière. Une belle matière à danser. Ça me donne de l’énergie et j’ai beaucoup aimé cette matière (en rapport avec ce qui se passe dans le bâtiment (requérants))

Eloise : Passé par plein d’esprits différents. Ce qui m’interpelle c’est qu’il y a beaucoup de temps et à la fois pas assez. On ressent l’énergie et un feeling. J’aurais aimé dansé avec d’autres personnes.

Dominique : Merci pour la pastèque et l’expérience. J’ai savouré prendre le temps avec moi-même et avec les autres. Merci pour cette qualité.

Mafalda : Il y a eu un moment magique surprise par la musique, je me suis arrêtée et j’ai vu tout le monde WOW. Tout le monde était beau, belles couleurs. Ca a allumé quelque chose en moi.

Monica : I enjoyed being playful. Thank you ! Joué avec tout le monde. Je n’ai pas eu l’occasion de connecter avec tout le monde. Pas avec Nancy.

Christelle : J’ai passé un très bon moment. Merci.

Julie : Je suis heureuse d’avoir partagé ce moment avec vous. Apprécié les couleurs. Les dégradés. La délicatesse et la danse avec Urs.

Lou : J’ai aimé de sentir le groupe connecté et très ouvert. Danser à deux mais ça changeait souvent.

Danielle : J’ai eu plaisir à regarder aussi dans la présence. J’ai beaucoup apprécié le silence à la fin d’une manière savoureuse.

Ronni : J’ai eu l’impression de jouer aussi tout l’après-midi et aussi d’être dans le grazing ou short engagement. More playful. J’ai voyagé. Très ludique.

Magaly : J’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir et apprécié d’avoir le temps. Le silence aussi. D’être dans la présence, le regard sans parler. Se parler autrement. Très agréable.

Clair : J’ai aimé la synchronicité des engagements et des désengagements aussi. Merci beaucoup.

JB : J’ai apprécié la musique. Elle s’intégrait dans la danse. Des moment amusants, notamment quand Mike a chanté. J’ai beaucoup ri à l’intérieur.

Simon : I liked a lot the compositions in space. Strong connections and moments. Thank you for the sounds Mike.

Monique: deux mots: Précipice et débris.

Nathalie: j’ai eu beaucoup de gaps mais je les ai aimés. Merci pour la musique.

Corinne : Merci à Nancy d’avoir organisé la jam. Assez fou car on était nombreux et il y avait une entente.

Patrice. Apprécié la fluidité entre le groupe et les individus. Apprécié la musique et les différents rythmes.

Alex : Moment très fort avec la small danse et la connexion. Je me sens un peu confus. Beaucoup de couches, les gens que je connais. De sentir les autres underscore en même temps, c’était fort !

Anne : J’ai aimé la petite danse vers Strasbourg et ouvrir mon regard vers la montage en pleine danse.

Maren: I was wondering what the connexions made to me. I remembered them at the beginning but then I forgot. The music was quite strong.

Matthieu: J’ai beaucoup aimé les jeux qu’il y a eus et les différents rôles qu’il y a eu dans ces jeux. Merci!

Simona : Thank you Nancy and Mike for the music and to all of you.

Peter: J’avais l’impression d’un corps très grand. Merci.

Théa : I was very touched by the faces at the beginning and I felt connected in a light way. I kept meeting Clair. It felt familiar even if we didn’t know each other. I felt happy with this connection.

Nazario: J’ai eu une très belle danse avec une personne et au moment où je suis sorti de ce duo et quand j’en suis sorti j’ai vu le groupe et c’était un grand moment.

Onkar : J’avais peur de la durée. Premier underscore. Peut-on faire plus long ?

Urs : Quand je regardais au début les visages, les gens que je connais, je les reconnais mais sans plus mais les gens que je ne connais pas, je les découvrais à travers leurs visage. Content d’avoir eu tellement de gens que je ne connaissais pas.

Sandra : Il y avait le thème de la maison car je viens d’ici mais je n’y habite plus. Je fais du contact dans le monde ailleurs mais plus ici. Ca a bouclé la boucle.

Laure : Pour moi beaucoup la question de l’observation. Très proche de l’idiot bouton. Parfois c’était avant parfois après. Beaucoup de liens avec les sens qui venaient de l’extérieur.

Wassim : moi aussi j’ai vu la belle coïncidence des rayures sur le mur qui formaient l’image de barreaux d’une cage et Nancy et Christelle étaient toutes deux contre le mur et contre ses barreaux et elles faisaient des gestes de battement d’ailes d’oiseaux et à un moment elles ont pris leur envol hors de la cage. Je ne sais pas si c’était conscient mais c’était très beau. J’ai eu de très belles danses avec quelques personnes.

Nancy : C’était un espace perméable. Merci à tous de venir improviser et danser tous ensemble.



Bedford, UK

underscore dance practice state of bonding with the earth. I spent 30 mins in the practice bonding with the earth, attention in the pelvis, giving up the weight to the earth and struggling. Soft tissues on the surface feeling sore but the bones and deep connections solid and supported. Working through the superficial layers of tension with the support of the earth and the compression of another body rolling. Soft tissue spreading, expanding and finding some resilience. A nervous butterfly yielding into the grass, tension melted by the smell of the earth and warmth of soft sunshine.


Florianópolis, Brasil

Hi, here in Florianopolis, south of Brazil, we make a beautifull Underscore with 20 participants! Have a litle workshop and a Jam saturday and at sunday we do the Global!

We change the place to Água Viva Estúdio Multiarte. Rua da Capela - Serv. Mª Cordeiro Fernandes - 150 – Campeche, Florianópolis, Brasil. Mapa:

There is a link to see some pictures:

And there are the names of people:

Annette Keis
Ana Alonso
Fernanda Nicolazzi
Oberdan Piantino
Guilherme Lemos
Ana Beatriz Brandão
Carlos Rogério Costa Jr
Diana Gilardenghi
Branca Cabral
Fernanda Jung Antoniazzi
Fabiana Vinagre
Verceles Amancio
Naiara Alice Bertoli
Talita Correa
Nicolas Zanella
Adriana Uliambre
Marcela Ribeiro
Leonardo Takazono
Thaís Santo
Bella Bruna Maua



Boulder, Colorado, USA

A Harvest of Sorts, from my Solo Global Underscore

“Alone together.”

Thinking of some of my favorite dancers along the “ribbon” of sites across the world. Nancy and Mike in Geneva. I face Nuevo Leon, Mexico during the opening small dance. I hope to dance there some day.

Two laptops. A number of livestreams in. One livestream out. Feeling rather self-conscious. Familiar faces and spaces in the Earthdance stream, their laptop sitting in the cubbyhole near the main umbrella barn door. A practice in Telescoping Awareness. How to be alone. Not knowing who might be witnessing me virtually.

My habits feel so obvious when alone. My attention to my habits, too, feels amplified. I bore myself sometimes. Then, I surprise myself. Yay.

A skeletal dance partner. My current anatomy studies keep flashing through my mind. “The Circus Needs More Interesting Little Clowns” = “Talus, Calcaneus, Navicular, Medial cuneiform, Intermediate cuneiform, Lateral cuneiform, Cuboid.” The skeleton is a patient partner — I’m glad. I let him solo for a while as I observe.

Feeling loopy after two hours. A stack of cushions onto which I jump and roll. Balance, unbalance. I feel scared to do a handstand on the cushions, so I don’t.

I try to do the Underscore wrong by putting on some recorded music. A few performance-y vignettes come to mind, which I hope I don’t forget.

And, I announce, to myself, five minutes until Final Resolution. And, it comes. And, it goes. And, I face Tokyo, Japan during the closing small dance. I hope to dance there again some day.

All in all, it wasn’t that different an experience. And, it was totally different. Just like every time I do the Underscore, I guess.

Thanks for dancing, everyone. I look forward to the next time, some day.

— J. Akiyama, Boulder, CO,


Mountain City Villa 

Mao Feng Shen

Guangzhou, China
10pm - 2am

10:50pm opening 5 min global Small Dance, facing the next site to the east according to the map: Tokyo, Japan

[and 10:55pm is the closing Small Dance of Beijing (Non-Synchronous Site) facing us! ]

1:55am closing global Small Dance, facing the next site to the west according to the map: Kuang, Selangor MALAYSIA ( KL Contact Festival )

Timelapse Video:

1. yuenjie MARU 丸仔 (HK)
2. LEUNG Ka-nang David 梁嘉能 (HK)
3. Shu Qun Cai 蔡述群 (GZ)
4. Huang Lixiang 黃丽香 (Xiamen)
5. Mimi Lo 兩口米 (HK)
6. Kim Wu 金平 (GZ)
7. Moon Hu 胡月紅 (GZ)
8. Rosalyn Shih 史雋皓 (Beijing / HK)
9. Marloes van Houten (Netherlands / HK)
10. Yanchen Bi 毕燕晨 (Beijing)
11. Joanne Zhang 张舒宇 (GZ) [leave earlier]
12. SKY Cai 蔡启炜 (GZ) [leave earlier]

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