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Global Underscore (GUS) 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019: 10:00 am–2:00 pm EST (UTC-04:00)

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Basel, Switzerland Harvest GUS 2018

All of us
Basel, Switzerland GUS 2018

Amsterdam, short report & harvest

In Amsterdam we danced a "Full Underscore Practice" with the GUS 2018

 in confluence with the weekly Saturday Amsterdam Jam as a "Modified Jam".*

[*In the report of our GUS-harvest of 2017 you can read more about the Amsterdam set-up.
A longer report like that, including a more complete/specified 
sharing of the 2018 harvest,
may follow also for this year as I find this a possibly valuable given for our community. KL]

Present dancers on this 23rd of June
in this Amsterdam Underscore/jam:

Otto Roth                            Jop Nozza                        Ingeborg Wannags
Anneroos Everts              Jo An Westerveld           Monika Förster
Katerina Mekhlis             Sabrina Huth                   Tim Justo
Thijs Mullink                     Ingmar                              Diederik Burke
Laura Sol                            Paul                                    Lana Korotkova
Birgit                                   Bahar                                 Thalia Laric
Bart                                     Maaike                              
Kees Lemmens
+Plus a few dancers whose name we might have missed, and/or who want to go unmentioned.
Dancers mentioned only by their first name either indicated preference for this mention,
or didn't write their name on the list. (Probably because I forgot to remind them of this. Sorry.)

of some notes of the sharing,
as written down by Lana Korotkova:

- interested in a person, and in not being stuck in one dance
- causelessness
- opportunity for an elongated arrival and a different depth
- noises outside intertwine with dances
- the focus was very deep
- Slow down. Take time. Graze.
- You don't have to dance with one person.
- disconnected connected - different phases for each one of us - but we're all in it
- The Underscore is a container.
- connecting all over the world
- sameness but differentness 
- growing together
- witnessing different waves
- space for solos
- The Underscore gives me the right to be in a phase for as long as I like.
- feeling free to graze, it's a relief
- feeling free and comfortable
- much more 3-4-5 people dancing than usual
- we hold the space together
- respect and sacredness
- importance of framing
- Having a common mindset

This Underscore in Amsterdam was organised in cooperation with the Amsterdam Jam
and facilitated by: Lana Korotkova, Thalia Laric, Kees Lemmens

Many thanks to every one involved; everyone organising, everyone dancing in the GUS
here and everywhere in the World!

Alessandro Gino

I find myself unable to process and dance with my joy because today, with these friends, the joy is too deep and too sudden. I am spending time with myself after every dance to bask in the heat of it.

How hard it is to separate your awareness from those that are an extension of your physical being. Where do I end and where does my son begin? Where does stand my wife? No dance is small no more...

familiar sounds of two separate worlds suddenly merging in one

This si our Harvest from MonteCIto/ Cordoba / Argentina 

In winter weather
We are a group of people interested in knowing, practicing and reflecting on the Underscore.
We managed to create a space of intimacy and dance. In the light of the sun's rays coming through the window, on one of the shortest days of the year. Enjoying the hug of knowing you dancing around the house planet!!!

Tokyo Japan / Harvest GUS 2018

23 June  11pm-3am 24 June /  as modified jam score
at night park( clay soil and grass) after rain. we all worn the raincoat &rain pants, few parsons took off those soon. (all photos were darkness always, yes! midnight outside !!!)

opening stand / facing  Buffalo, NY  ,  closing stand/ facing  Warszawa, Poland

participants: ゆあさてつろうTetsurou Yuasa ,  成田護 Mamoru Narita , しもやまれいこ Reiko Shimoyama , 大原あやかAyaka Ohhara, マルイサンカク Marui Sankaku , Mahalo MH, ヤスキチYasukichi


Tetsurou : I got on a swing when I was one  during the GUS. I was not good at swings when I was a child. I did not like the feeling of grabbing the heart when swinging in front of the swing. But at this time I was not uncomfortable, okay. So i swung higher to higher  to sky naturally,,, and naturally come back lower lower ,,,. ( just comment: it was one dance. everyone without Tetsuro  was a symbol of the observe then.  everyone touched that beautiful one dance of him. )
When the sound of the instrument echoed in the darkness of the night, there was a soft film ahead of it, and I felt that the whole venue itself was enveloped.
A person of a dream. Sensation spreading out of my chest. lost of sense of time. Connected at the moment of my life .
When I was a young I spent the night in the park with my friends, and thought, "i wander what meant for this ?" But this time I can say that "So good in this. that  was good there." . It is wonderful thing overlaying the old.

Reiko : The night park was changed a special place when chime is sounded on the drops of night grasses. I was really warm without cold during GUS.

Ayaka : GUS reminded me that we were naturally creative, resourceful and whole.I had freedom to do what I wanted to. There's no word but dialogue through the contact of body, kinesphere, and other objects.Encounters of what I unexpected. We were all fulfilled.

Yasukichi : 丸み roundness =地球のスキネスフィア skinesphere of the earth , like the 大気。大気の様な。

Monterrey, Mexico . Harvest GUS 2018

Martha Cecilia Marcoux (Saltillo), Catalina Castilla (Tampico), Catarina Lino (Portugal), Esteban Fredin, Fabiola Santamaria (Veracruz), Raúl Ramos, Daniel Ontiveros

Daniel’s observations: We must be comfortable with one’s self in order to engage with others. The group is more comfortable with des-control, than the year before. The bass improvisation was a highlight moment. The need to practice more streaming.
Catarina’s observations: Bone structure to start movement. Activations vs Momentum. Ensemble of bodies and engagements. Music production with objects. We all disconnected and recycle through the underscore once at the same time.
Faby: “This is where we are” drawing.
Caty: “How to make a physical action during meditation?” drawing.

Fredin: “Friendship in movement” drawing

Raúl: “Una voz me dijo que la vida estaba llena de experiencias, yo le conteste que había experiencias buenas y malas, que uno no sabía cuál le puede tocar. Por lo cual me dijo, las experiencias no tienen distinción, se te presentan y duda lo más profundo de tu ser, tú decides que postura tomar”

Martha: “Feelings” drawing.