Important GUS info

Global Underscore (GUS) 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019: 10:00 am–2:00 pm EST (UTC-04:00)

We have various costs for GUS, including making the NEW WEBSITE!
Please “like” the Global Underscore Facebook page

GUS Practice Schedule

Wherever you are, whatever time is your start time, below is the time schedule for our simultaneous practice.

00:00 Start Time
00:45 Preambulation
00:50 Opening 5 min global Small Dance, facing the next site to the east according to the map
03:55 closing global Small Dance, facing the next site to the west according to the map*
04:00 closing

(Note: you can start Preambulating or Small Dancing earlier than specified, as long as you're doing it at the appointed time.)

screen shot jpg of the MAP last year: GUS 2016

(The image here is a jpg - don't mistake it for the map itself)

Above is a screenshot I took with Grab.  If you have a Mac it has it for sure.

Open the map in a browser and size it to fit your screen ~

Take Screen Shots with your Mac's program Grab (do a spotlight search "Grab" to find it)

Hold down shift + command + A and then you can drag a square and capture a screen shot and save it to your desktop as a tiff.  (If you open with the application Preview you can "save as" and make it a jpg if that's better for you too.)

Then you can print your tiff or jpg with a printer.

Use the Grab application. It is on your Mac for sure.

Best and love

xoxo Brandin


GUS 2016
for Small Dance Stand facings

The Facing List makes a zigzagging line from east to west (or west to east) around the planet.  You'll face a site either northeast or southeast of you for the first small dance stand, and a site northwest or southwest of you for the second small dance stand.

For the first Small Dance Stand, face the site below you in this list.
For the second Small Dance Stand, face the site above you in this list.
The number following the site is the degree of the longitude.
Seconds and minutes are only included if they help clarify which site is next.
W indicates west.
E indicates east.
SKIP NON-SYNCHRONOUS SITES because they are not dancing in time with the rest of the sites.

The longitude assignments are approximations.  The exact address of your site may have a slightly different longitude than the one listed, but probably not (especially if we're only looking at the degree which is the grossest aspect of the measurement).

Seattle USA 122 W
Salt Lake City USA 111 W
Monterrey MEXICO 100 W
Cuidad de Mexico MEXICO 99 W
Chicago USA 87 W
Columbus USA 82 59' W
Asheville USA 82 33' W
Toronto CANADA 79 W
Buffalo USA 78 W
Washington DC USA 77 W
Philadelphia USA 75 W
Brooklyn NYC USA 73 W
Plainfield USA 72 55' W
Stukely Sud CANADA 72 24' W
Cambridge USA 71 W
Santiago CHILE 70 40' W
Wellfleet USA 70 0' W
Cordoba ARGENTINA 64 W
Buenos Aires ARGENTINA 58 W
Marindia URUGUAY 55 W
Curitiba BRASIL 49 W
Florianopolis BRASIL 48 W
Brasilia BRASIL 47 W
Sao Paulo BRASIL 46 W
Glasgow SCOTLAND 4 W
Madrid SPAIN 3 W
London UK 0
Barcelona SPAIN 2 9' E
Pontos SPAIN 2 55' E
Brussels BELGIUM 4 21' E
Lyon FRANCE 4 50' E
Die FRANCE 5 22' 20'' E
Barnave FRANCE 5 22' 28'' E
Freiburg im Breisgau GERMANY 7 E
Milan ITALY 9 E
Muenchen (Munich) GERMANY 11 35' E
Halle Saale GERMANY 11 58' E
Berlin GERMANY 13 E
Warsaw POLAND 21 E
Istanbul TURKEY 28 E
Caesarea ISRAEL 34 E
Moscow RUSSIA 37 E
Kuang MALAYSIA 101 E
Shenzhen CHINA 114 E
Wong Tai Sin HONG KONG 114 E (Non-Synchronous SKIP)
Beijing CHINA 116 E (Non-Synchronous SKIP)
Shanghai CHINA 121 E
Adelaide AUSTRALIA 138 E (Non-Synchronous SKIP)
Newcastle AUSTRALIA 151 E (Non-Synchronous SKIP)
Aukland NEW ZEALAND 174 E (Non-Synchronous SKIP)

GUS Map 2016

Dear facilitators and Global Underscore 2016 dancers,

The GUS 2016 map includes 53 sites all around the world!

You can play with it.  You can swipe, drag and zoom in and out and take screenshots to print to post on the wall for you Underscore. (the markers in the Atlantic Ocean just tell you what the marker's colors mean)

Look out for a facing list with instructions to help with the small dance stands.

You can use the map to make sense of which city/site you'll face.  Remember the first Small Dance Stand faces the next site to the east (northeast or southeast) and the second Small Dance Stand closes by facing the next site to the west (northwest or southwest).

Happy Dancing!  So happy your reading this and getting ready for Global Underscore.


Brandin Steffensen
(with Nancy Hughes)
(from Underscore NYC)


GUS 2016 MAP (click here)
You can try Ustream for free.
The link is below if you are are participating in live streaming for the GUS!
Thank you to everyone who has registered your site!  Remember you have until June 15 to register so your location will be on the map.  We are asking you to register by June 15 so we have time to send the facings and info to you in a timely manner.

Dance with you in a few days!
Welcome to the Global Underscore gathering of 2016. We are thrilled that we are all coming together this year with such full and rich variety. Thank you for your presence and organization!

We will be sending you the final list of Global Underscore sites and the Facing List for the Opening and Closing Stands by Friday, June 17.  But for now, here is some Technology* and Harvest information so you can prepare accordingly. 

*To Participate in Live Streaming and Second Life for GUS 2016 Isabel Valverde will need your tech info by June 15.  Keep reading to find out what to send her.

Dear Global Underscore Facilitators

We have some special technology components for our connections during the 
Global Underscore 2016. Isabel Valverde will be working with us to make it happen! 

Isabel will be hosting a virtual Global Underscore satellite through Second Life, a multi-user virtual environment.  Isabel will also help you post live streaming on the Global Underscore Blog.

We will also be posting Harvest on the blog. 

Read through the list of opportunities below.  You will have the option to either actively participate or to simply visit and observe any one of these technology components. 

Global Underscore 2016 (from simplest level to most complex):

1) Share material from your regular Harvest circle:
Send your Harvest-text and/or a small selection of photos or a short video from your Global Underscore experience- to for the Global Underscore blogspot. Nancy Hughes and Brandin Steffensen will be adding your harvest directly on the blog. 

2) Local real-time Harvest:
Have a computer somewhere in the space with a Word document open (or sheets of paper) for people to write (or draw) during the Underscore. This can be harvested afterward on the blog. (See #1.)

3) Live streaming video:This is live video streaming from any/every site that can manage it, collected for real-time viewing on
For this option, your site will need:

1. Two laptops (one to send and one to receive)
2. A webcam (the camera in the computer that's used for skyping is enough, or you can
input from a separate camera. Webcams are simpler and recommended.)
3. High-speed internet access (not a dial-up modem)
4. Someone capable of setting it up and testing it prior to the date of the Global
For detailed instructions click This Link
What will happen:

You will establish a free individual video broadcast channel (on the ustream platform: or bambuser.comthat will be gathered together with other Global Underscore video streams by Isabel.
***To simply view video streams without doing your own stream, visit: the Global Underscore Blogspot

4) Global Underscore 2016 on Second Life:

For Global Underscore 2016, Portuguese dancer/researcher Isabel Valverde will facilitate a Global Underscore satellite in Second Life, a multi-user 3D virtual environment. Senses Places project will be the virtual host for this Global Underscore site, Odyssey Contemporary and Performance Simulator at Second Life.

At this special location on Second Life, avatar Underscore participants and audience will join the Underscore practice from different remote places around the world. Also at this location, the Ustream and/or bambuser video channels from Global Underscores worldwide will be screened for viewing and possible interaction.

There will be a Ustream channel streaming the Second Life Global Underscore site at Odyssey Contemporary and Performance Simulator at Second Life. That stream will be embedded on Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator SLURL:

For detailed instructions on joining the Global Underscore satellite in Second Life click  This Link 

1) Choose which of the 4 (it could be any or all) of the above technology components you want to use with your site.  

with anticipation, 
Global Underscore 2016 Coordinators (UnderscoreNYC: Brandin Steffensen and Nancy Hughes ) along with Nancy Stark Smith, Patrick Crowley, and Isabel Valverde

Underscore NYC

Link to Additional Resource

Global Underscore 2012, Chichester, UK site (photographer unknown)

Technology Spotlight

Steps to set up your video streamI
3.1. Create a channel for video streaming with USTREAM, or Bambuser.
Go to these links for instructions.

3.2. Name your channel as follows: gus2016_(your site's location).

3.3.  Test if you can broadcast.
Test the recording function:
Start broadcasting and go to the channel's link to check if you can see it, or click on the title of your channel at the top left corner of the broadcast window. This opens a new window where your live broadcast will show up.
Suggestion: If you want to record (and you are comfortable starting and ending the recording function without too much distraction) try recording at any of these three times:
a. opening small dance (00:50; 50 minutes into the 4 hour Underscore) 
b. 30 minutes during Open Score (2:15-2:45) 
c. closing small dance (3:55)
3.4. Send the URL of your channel to in order to be gathered at the Global Underscore blog page.If you have any tech questions, email isabel at

Steps to set up Second Life Now

In order to visit and participate in the Global Underscore Satellite @ Second Life someone at your GU site needs to:

4.1. Have a computer with good graphics and  internet connection. Note that Mac stopped supporting video on SL.

4.2. Create an account and choose an avatar (free) @

4.3. Download and install Second Life (free) @ Please check the technical requirements.

4.4. Open the Second Life application and Go to the SL Underscore Satellite site at Senses Places space: SLURL: 
(You can also go to any other location at your choice, or simply login without choosing a place. You will be teleported to a welcome site where ava

tar hosts wait to help you ☺)

4.5. Get accustomed to the interface: the avatar and the 3d environment. It is not difficult, but it will require more or less practice, depending on your computer interface and videogame skills and literacy. 

Examples: a) learn to use the arrow keys to move the avatar in space, b) learn to use the chat window, voice, or animations to communicate, c) learn about the menus and Inventory, d) learn how to edit the avatar appearance, e) camera operation, f) learn to intera

ct with objects in the environment, g) learn how to teleport, etc. See a video demonstration. 

In principle, this will enable you to observe, interact, and improvise at the site with other avatars and video stream images of other GU sites projected on to screens/browser windows. 

4.6. At the VGU site we will share animations for your avatar to improvise with. You can play with then, including changing, accumulating, looping, and move your avatar in space while animated. The ideal is that you can put it to dance so you can dance also with the moving entities. Additionally, we share a webcam interface (from Senses Places) that allows your movement to interact with the ava

tar. This interface instructions and the animations are available in one object at the virtual site :D

4.7. If you are at one GU site streaming a channel, you will be able to see it there along with other streams. You will only have to copy paste your site's channel URL link onto one of the screens available at the site as server windows. 

4.8. Watch, experiment, improvise!

Link to Additional Resource