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Global Underscore Harvest Quequén- Argentina

Global Underscore Harvest Quequén- Argentina /photos
verónica te ha invitado a ver su álbum. Este álbum tiene 57 archivos.
 Global Underscore Quequén -23/6/2012- Argentina
Harvest Quequén

Cyntia Ramos - Sandra Clérico - Simón Perez - Sonia Santillan - Miguel Fernandez Long - Elizabeth Defino - Barbara Rodríguez - Ileana  Beloli  - Karina Charque -Verónica Choperena

9.00 hs.23/06/2012
I went to print the maps early in the morning 
“Early in the morning I went to print the maps we will be usin for the Underscore, (Internet wasn´t functioning at home): I went to three places until I found one library wich owner I happened to know, when I asked if I could print out the maps downloading them in his computer he nodded and keppt swepping the sidewalk, as I was printing the maps I asked him If he had compasses for sale, and he answered me with a smile: "What do you need I´m a cartographer too!" - We kept talking about the cardinal points location,  east , west, coincidence? pre - underscore?” Verónica.-

“A little universe was generated”;
“Shapes and colors in coincidence ”;
“We went in and out (from the duet and the trio) without leaving "the whole", stayed in, even when we were drinking or eating something, get in, get out, without leaving the experience."
“Mood changes, watching, listening, and waiting  we build together that "all together feeling" 
"Humor, laughter, lines, octopus, footprints, surprise, trace, time, atention"

Verónica Choperena- Quequén- Necochea
Pcia. de Bs.As. – Argentina -