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Global Underscore (GUS) 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019: 10:00 am–2:00 pm EST (UTC-04:00)

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Monterrey, Mexico . Harvest GUS 2018

Martha Cecilia Marcoux (Saltillo), Catalina Castilla (Tampico), Catarina Lino (Portugal), Esteban Fredin, Fabiola Santamaria (Veracruz), Raúl Ramos, Daniel Ontiveros

Daniel’s observations: We must be comfortable with one’s self in order to engage with others. The group is more comfortable with des-control, than the year before. The bass improvisation was a highlight moment. The need to practice more streaming.
Catarina’s observations: Bone structure to start movement. Activations vs Momentum. Ensemble of bodies and engagements. Music production with objects. We all disconnected and recycle through the underscore once at the same time.
Faby: “This is where we are” drawing.
Caty: “How to make a physical action during meditation?” drawing.

Fredin: “Friendship in movement” drawing

Raúl: “Una voz me dijo que la vida estaba llena de experiencias, yo le conteste que había experiencias buenas y malas, que uno no sabía cuál le puede tocar. Por lo cual me dijo, las experiencias no tienen distinción, se te presentan y duda lo más profundo de tu ser, tú decides que postura tomar”

Martha: “Feelings” drawing.

Harvest notes::Bangalore

Hi Everyone,

We had a photographer but he started dancing so we don't have much record of the harvest. I think pictures will come. These were the participants:

We did the talkthrough at about 5:30pm and started the Underscore about 7:15pm. No translation necessary. (Non-synchronous) People stayed for the most part but two left early for urgent reasons. (Sick pets and other gig.)

I was originally planning to do it at Play Practice but found out about Karthik's plan to do it at Shunya, which was a more central location. It was a pleasure and a breeze to share facilitation with Kathik. Several of us went out to eat afterwards as is the Indian way, it seems.

Paraphrased comments from Harvest: 

"It was amazing to see people who never met each other dancing together so synchronously. And when to people were on top of her it looked like a very tense situation but she was smiling!"

"Gratitude for the live music all around! They were changing the mood and listening."

"I do dance theater and I am often lost and contact jams. But when I saw you walking like this (cool guy) I was like, ok, now I am home."

Something about noticing composition that ended with headstands.

I said I noticed a group awareness building at the point when we were exhausted towards the end and everyone was lying on the floor. I was thankful for the musicians at that point. 

For several people it was their first time but everyone was in and it felt like a real Underscore!

I'll send pics along,


Newcastle, Australia - Global Underscore 2018 Harvest


Annette Nathalia, Noel Gueco, Shoshanna Hindmarsh, Donna Lane, Owen Davis, Rachel Bond, Rahkel Bose, Christina Constantina, Luke Falcon. 

Started with words and diagrams. They looked intense.
We reflect, we connect. We started our silence.
We dance together. We draw apart. We couple. We triple. We fall into a mountain of bodies.
We cuddle, we sigh, we breath in sync.
We release.
The movement is organic. We flow like the wind, like a stream, like an ocean swell.
There was curiosity. There was joy. There was laughter.
The connections began.
At times the emotion becomes too much. I take a few moments out. I ground myself. I rejoin the flow. 
There is an opportunity to release, to learn, to be present.
The smiles are radiant. The group is small, safe and in tune.
The dance we love, and we love, and we love.
It is an honor to share the experience.

- Rachel. 

Never take for granted the power of touch.

Good dances take on levity and seem to float in space high above, even when viewed from a ladder against the wall.

The generosity of touch from another in full awareness that you can’t reciprocate. No expectation to be anywhere else than where you are.

WOW! Look how effortlessly you move now!!

Removed and Present.
Silence. A time to close your eyes.

I am okay. 

- Luke

- Donna

Special thanks to Annette for organising and Cadi McCarthy of Catapult Dance.


Here we share some of our moments in this practice of a 
Modified Jam in Angelina, Brazil, in a place called Sítio das Amoras.


rebentação é onde a vida diz sim 
redobrando-se ferozmente 
para cavocar tudo,
impulsionando e sendo impulsionada
em todas as direções
não quero negar que a rebentação humana 
é um calvário imenso,
uma luta onde a espada aperta 
nossas gargantas
não, não é isso
há de vir a revolta
no entanto,
a atenção aqui está é no macio e no corte do tempo
nos instantezinhos
em que se faz levantar o dia após
no que nos lança e relança
a todo momento
em todas as direções.
tô falando de rio e de margens que apertam
apertam? ou participam da força do rio?
tô falando é de nunca mais ser o mesmo 
depois de entrar nesse rio.
repara só

Felipe Ferro

Harvest: GUS2018 Shenzhen, China

The facilitator :圆圆肚肚yuanyuandudu work with 王剑锋JF-wang.

Talk-Through: 8:00 pm, UTC+8

10:00 pm - 2:00 am/Modified Jam Score 
10:50pm opening global Small Dance facing Monterrey, Mexico
1:55am closing global Small Dance facing Guangzhou, China

1.圆圆肚肚 yuanyuandudu
2, 王剑锋 JF-wang
  3, 韦玉艳 Stella
4. 程水彬 xiaolong
5, 闫杰 Jack(迟到)
6. 方绮熠 Cindy(提前离开)
7. 李莉莉 Lilian(提前离开)
8. 有成 Jianwu(提前离开)
9. 李彩霞  Lic ai xia(提前离开)
10.王嘟娃 dodo(狗🐶)




HARVEST GUS2018 New Delhi, India

Namaste! Global harvest from India for the very first time.
Facilitator: Priyanka barua ,Guru Suraj


Guru Suraj, Priyanka Barua, Tarun Arora, Rajiv Jain, Siddharth Kubavat, Elisa , Gagan, Himani Barua, Alisha Gupta

Guru Suraj (Chennai)
It is interesting to observe that there are people who are doing what we are doing makes such a change.I felt I was in the middle of a ripple. It gives me more strength to think there are people to support us and we can also support someone. There are people who can understand you.

Priyanka Barua (Delhi)
I feel very emotional with this intense energy in my body.To think about all my friends in india and outside, who are doing this with me makes me overwhelmed. We are together in this. I didn’t imagine it to be like this. It is much more than my imagination.

Siddharth Kubavat (Jaipur)
I feel different when I dance alone and when I dance with group.You just need to stand and dance will come to you.Today such a beautiful thing happened to me .There is a beautiful silence in my heart.As I walk I feel no pain ,my body feels light. I always try to focus on going in presence ,today there is no mind.Thank you for hosting this event.

Tarun arora (Delhi)
This is 3rd or 4th time doing CI. I think contact will give me the peace inside.In the previous jam I never felt connected ,I always felt like an outsider.This is the first time I feel connected. I am shy I don’t take initiative to dance.Thank you ! who came and dance with me.

Himani Barua (Delhi)
I didn’t understand what you were talking about but I feel touch, gratitude and my body feels light.

Alisha Gupta (Delhi)
It was good to see you guys dance. I don’t understand CI whatever I know is because of priyanka. To me it looks like as if you are meditating.I don’t know how you create this energy. I feel contact improvisation is way more than just dance.

Rajiv Jain (Delhi)
This is my best CI session. I feel the dance floor is very vast much bigger than I see and imagine. Its because of my classes with priyanka I feel more comfortable.

Gagan (Delhi)
Ci brings the inner child in space where I interact with people by being a child.Specially when I dance with priyanka. I always find it fun.Thank you guru.

Eli sa (Los angeles)
She shared a beautiful silence with us.

Buenos Aires

Solsticio de inverno,
mucho frío en las calles este año...

En la sala
más de 101 bailarines celebrando

Amor para todes...

 Fotos: Cristina Turdo y Laura Barceló. Video: Paula Zacharías