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Global Underscore (GUS) 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019: 10:00 am–2:00 pm EST (UTC-04:00)

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Amsterdam, short report & harvest

In Amsterdam we danced a "Full Underscore Practice" with the GUS 2018

 in confluence with the weekly Saturday Amsterdam Jam as a "Modified Jam".*

[*In the report of our GUS-harvest of 2017 you can read more about the Amsterdam set-up.
A longer report like that, including a more complete/specified 
sharing of the 2018 harvest,
may follow also for this year as I find this a possibly valuable given for our community. KL]

Present dancers on this 23rd of June
in this Amsterdam Underscore/jam:

Otto Roth                            Jop Nozza                        Ingeborg Wannags
Anneroos Everts              Jo An Westerveld           Monika Förster
Katerina Mekhlis             Sabrina Huth                   Tim Justo
Thijs Mullink                     Ingmar                              Diederik Burke
Laura Sol                            Paul                                    Lana Korotkova
Birgit                                   Bahar                                 Thalia Laric
Bart                                     Maaike                              
Kees Lemmens
+Plus a few dancers whose name we might have missed, and/or who want to go unmentioned.
Dancers mentioned only by their first name either indicated preference for this mention,
or didn't write their name on the list. (Probably because I forgot to remind them of this. Sorry.)

of some notes of the sharing,
as written down by Lana Korotkova:

- interested in a person, and in not being stuck in one dance
- causelessness
- opportunity for an elongated arrival and a different depth
- noises outside intertwine with dances
- the focus was very deep
- Slow down. Take time. Graze.
- You don't have to dance with one person.
- disconnected connected - different phases for each one of us - but we're all in it
- The Underscore is a container.
- connecting all over the world
- sameness but differentness 
- growing together
- witnessing different waves
- space for solos
- The Underscore gives me the right to be in a phase for as long as I like.
- feeling free to graze, it's a relief
- feeling free and comfortable
- much more 3-4-5 people dancing than usual
- we hold the space together
- respect and sacredness
- importance of framing
- Having a common mindset

This Underscore in Amsterdam was organised in cooperation with the Amsterdam Jam
and facilitated by: Lana Korotkova, Thalia Laric, Kees Lemmens

Many thanks to every one involved; everyone organising, everyone dancing in the GUS
here and everywhere in the World!

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