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Global Underscore (GUS) 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019: 10:00 am–2:00 pm EST (UTC-04:00)

We have various costs for GUS, including making a new website (this platform, Blogspot, is not updated anymore and difficult to use).
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Hello everyone,

There is a typo and also another change to the FACINGS!

TYPO: #35 should be MALAGA, SPAIN (not a 2nd Barcelona)

OTHER CHANGE:  Columbus, Ohio, USA has dropped out (due to lack of people coming)
And Ecuador has come in!

Small Dance FACINGS:  
1st Small Dance: face East - the site below yours
Closing Small Dance: face West - the site above yours

• Viljandi, Estonia
• Moscow, Russia
• Seattle, WA USA
• Montreal, Canada
• Glasgow, Scotland
• Stukely-Sud, QC Canada
• Hamburg, Germany
• Tokyo, Japan
• Toronto, Canada
• Amsterdam, Netherlands
• Leipzig, Germany
• Guangzhou, China
• Berkeley, CA USA
• Buffalo, NY USA
• Plainfield, MA USA 
• Bedford, United Kingdom
• Bonn, Germany
• Shenzhen, China
• Evanston, IL USA
• Vienna, Austria
• Hong Kong
• New York City, NY USA
• Budapest, Hungary
• ECUADOR  ** Columbus, OH, USA has dropped out.
• Gozd Martuljek, Slovenia
• Philadelphia, PA USA
• Barnave, France
• Santa Fe, NM USA
• Lauret, France
• Arezzo, Italy
• Tel-Aviv, Israel
• Monterrey, Mexico
• Barcelona, Spain
• Ciudad de México
• Singapore
• Campinas, Brazil
• Cape Town, South Africa
• São Paulo, Brazil
• Fitzroy, Australia
• Santiago, Chile
• Florianopolis, Brazil
• Quequén, Argentina
• Montevideo, Uruguay
Viljandi, Estonia

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